Beating the bottom line: Is language instruction doomed to fail at rural universities?

Cultural competency may be the pinnacle objective of selective liberal arts colleges. But at institutions where students’ family income is under $70,000, it's a luxury.

The University Business Podcast: Why STEM needs the humanities—and vice versa

Deliberately integrating the humanities into Georgia Tech University's armada of world-class STEM-based academic programs is the future of pedagogy at the R1 Atlanta university—and perhaps for all of higher education, says Richard Utz, interim dean of the Ivan Allen College of Liberal Arts, in this installment of the University Business Podcast.

Oh, the humanit(ies)! Why integrating the liberal arts and STEM is a win-win for students, institutions

While the humanities may not be as popular as they once were, STEM students—and institutions—have much to gain from some of their timeless lessons. These colleges and universities are taking note and adapting.

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