freedom of speech

More than three-quarters of students want to discuss “divisive topics” in the classroom, survey

Amid a higher education environment that's becoming increasingly political, so are the students, who are increasingly weighing state legislation into their college decision making process, according to Gallup and Lumina Foundation.

Why these school leaders are clashing with students’ free speech judgment

Boston University students exercised their right to free speech to shout "obscenities" at a commencement event that would have been "the precursor to a fistfight" back in President Robert A. Brown's youth, according to a statement.

Judge: Florida not in violation of blocked “Stop Woke Act” by requesting funding info from colleges

Dissidents of the memo believed the state was enforcing a blocked bill that punished schools for teaching concepts about race, but the same judge responsible for its injunction does not believe it applies in this case.

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