The human toll of rampant college closures

More than 50 public and private nonprofit colleges have closed, merged or announced closures since March 2020, and over half of the students whose institutions shut down did not re-enroll.

Here are 4 ways institutions can upgrade campus wellness for their most vital asset: Their staff

How can two- and four-year colleges alleviate employee dissatisfaction and retain talent in a post-pandemic workplace? Leaders from William & Mary and Montgomery County Community College share their perspectives.

Which colleges and universities are producing the most Fulbright award winners?

Colleges and universities churning out a high rate of Fulbright scholarship winners also enjoy the opportunity of connecting their institution to a network of countries abroad.

Faculty—not just students—are stressed out and considering leaving, per survey

Students' sustained mental health issues, among other job pressures, are feeding faculty and staff stress and anxiety, according to TimelyCare. 

Study: Tenured female faculty more likely to quit due to feeling “pushed out”

The authors of the study, published on ScienceAdvances, believe the evidence suggests higher education's current workplace climate possesses "dysfunctional leadership" and lends itself toward harassment and discrimination.

Report: Faculty development courses raise educator and student achievement

Educators enrolled in a faculty development course experienced a resounding growth in their confidence as an effective educator, and students benefited as a result.

How can your school help faculty overcome edtech fatigue and burnout?

WGU Labs' 2023 EdTech Faculty Survey provides crucial insights into pain points in the faculty experience with edtech and how to achieve a successful technology-enabled future.

King’s College will not close despite staff layoffs and cancelling fall classes

Additionally, King's College's accrediting body has stripped its accreditation, citing the school's failure "to demonstrate that it can sustain itself in the short or long-term."

How does your school’s faculty salary stack up compared to those at other schools across country?

A new report from the National Education Association ranks all 50 states' average faculty salaries and answers a $15,000 question causing pay gaps between colleagues of different institutions.

These schools retooled their enrollment playbook using data to drive growth

North Texas has 1,200+ trained employees, from administrative assistants up to the president, using their AI-assisted analytics software suit to take huge swaths of data and create visual data models in order to form clear, intentional decision-making.

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