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President’s corner: Dr. Larry Johnson on leading one of the nation’s most successful community colleges

The U.S. Department of Education recently found that the CUNY college had the fourth-highest transfer-out rate for Title IV students in the nation; 55% ultimately earned bachelor's degrees within eight years, compared to the country's 13% average.

Adapt or die: 3 ways to transform your institution in a changing landscape

It’s time for schools to radically change their structure. Otherwise, our institutions will not survive, a loss that has catastrophic implications for the future of millions of underserved young people and for our nation.

This Colorado bill may pave the way for stronger upward transfer success stories

Community college students are often in the dark about which of their courses will count at the four-year level. Colorado wants to make it as transparent as possible—and hold institutions accountable.

This community college startup may be the prototype for student success

Campus is a hybrid community college attempting to reimagine affordability and student support and double the typical completion rates for community college students, all the while ensuring its staff is working at a competitive wage. 

The road to a bachelor’s degree: 7 ways to strengthen transfer pipelines

Strengthening community college and four-year college pipelines is critical to ensuring equitable student success in higher education, considering the large proportion of Black, Hispanic and other minority students enrolled at the two-year level, according to a new report from the Campaign for College Opportunity.

Community colleges are banding resources together to secure their at-risk students’ education

With HEERF funding in the rearview mirror, community colleges that have historically served the nation's most underresourced populations are getting creative to keep their at-risk students from stopping out and regain those lost due to finances. 

How degree-granting colleges can reap rewards from alternative pathway students

Several degree-granting colleges and universities have found ways to open students' accessibility to pathway programs—while keeping the door open for continued education.

Undergraduate enrollment climbs for first time since the pandemic, despite freshmen drop-off

While this is the first time overall undergraduate enrollment is up post-pandemic, public and private nonprofit four-year institutions seeking freshmen students must take this data with a grain of salt, according to preliminary data from the National Student Clearinghouse Research Center.

WalletHub’s top 25 community colleges and 10 best state systems

Student demand for community college may be imminent, so it's essential to know which are the best bargain and highest performing.

‘Affirmative action made us complacent’: Leaders on their back heels get real on equity

"The higher education system is broken," said Colorado College President Song Richardson at the Department of Education's summit discussing the end of affirmative action.

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