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Summary of Sponsor Deliverables

You will receive a detailed deliverable worksheet that is unique to the Summit you are sponsoring. To help with your early planning, following is a list of those deliverables. Please direct any questions to Ashley Roina.

Promotional materials—Although there are no booths or tabletops at this event, we will gladly provide Summit sponsors an opportunity to provide information packets that attendees can pick up near the registration table, at their discretion. (No individual distribution by sponsors to attendees will be provided.) Specs:

  • Maximum size of info packet is full-page, 8.5 x 11 inches. One facing, but multiple pages of this layout size within the material are acceptable. Brochures or folders of this size are acceptable.
  • Recommended quantity is 50-60
  • All materials must be in “ready-to-display” condition when shipped. (Materials will not be collated, packaged, or otherwise prepared onsite.) 

Restaurant selection—You will be hosting a group of attendees for dinner on Wednesday night. We will send you a list of recommended restaurants, including restaurant options at the Summit hotel. If you select an off-site location, you will be responsible for arranging transportation, but we can help with that.

Company logo and 25-word company description—Vector EPS or Illustrator STRONGLY preferred, otherwise a 300 dpi tiff. We recommend you focus on your higher education vision and include a one-sentence description of the primary product or service that you provide to colleges and universities. This will be printed on our onsite program.

Presentation session title and roundtable session title—We only need titles, not abstracts. Remember that attendees do not select presentations to attend; they all attend every sponsor’s presentation. So you have flexibility to be creative with your presentation title. But attendees do select which roundtable sessions to attend, which means your roundtable title should be a clear and concise description of what will be discussed. For guidance, feel free to consult with Program Director JD Solomon.

Headshots—We need one for each member of your Summit team. We need them to be high resolution.

Roundtable room requirements—The roundtable rooms offer conference room-style seating and have WiFi internet access. You’ll need to tell us if you have any additional requirements. Special requests may involve supplemental charges.

Speaker information—We’ll need a short bio of your speaker (75 words max) and a headshot; these will be printed in the onsite program. We’ll also need a short (3-sentence) description of the speaker’s presentation for purposes of his or her introduction. And we’ll need to know about any special AV needs for the speaker’s presentation.

Team registratrion—You’ll need to register all members of your team, including speaker, on our event website.

Dinner seating selections—From a list of registered attendees, you’ll be asked to indicate which ones you wish to have seated with you for dinner on Wednesday and Thursday nights, understanding that we will try to fulfill these requests as best we can, but it is not guaranteed. 

Door prize donation—Sponsors have the option of donating a prize to UB, which distributes them at the close of the event. Suggested prize drawing donations include: Kindle, Amazon gift card (minimum $250), iPad or iPod, or Jam Box (Bluetooth speaker). No vendor related products, please.

Speaker slide decks—Presentations are in HD so it is preferable (though not required) to create slides with a 16:9 aspect ratio.