Student coaching initiative at Austin Community College

June 17, 2019 | InsideTrack

Austin Community College (ACC), one of the largest community colleges in the United States, today announced results from a multi-year campaign to improve student success through an institution-wide redesign of its student services focused on the needs of its highly-diverse student population.

The new initiative, called Guided Pathways Advising through Coaching, combined a redesign of the institution’s degree pathways, new tools to help students stay on track to graduation, and the development of a holistic student coaching program. As a result of this new initiative, the college has achieved a 4 percentage point gain in the retention of first-time students and a 6 point gain among first-time Hispanic male students. Analysis conducted by ACC using predictive propensity score matching (PPSM) also shows a 15.5 percentage point increase on next term retention.

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