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Sponsored Case Studies

Greetings, and thank you for working with us on your sponsored case study.

These features generally run on a full, right-hand page in our magazine, often opposite your full-page ad. Our team will write, edit and design the case study. 

What do we need from you?

  • A kickoff call with the writer to provide background and direction, and discuss deadlines. Specifically, we’re looking for background on the product and implementation to be featured and guidance on what to emphasize and/or stay away from in the interview. We may ask you what you envision the headline will say. Generally, we conduct these kickoff calls at least 60 days prior to the publication date of the edition in which your article will appear.
  • Full contact information for the customer to be interviewed.
  • A high-resolution logo of your company.
  • The URL where you want readers to go for more information.
  • Your company’s key color standards, which we will use for the spot color elements on the case study page.
  • A photo of the product in-use, if available. (We do not use product or screen shots; if a photo of the product in-use is not available, we will use an appropriate stock image.)

A note about selecting the customer.

  • First, of course, the customer must be a strong champion of your product/company.
  • The customer must be told that this case study is “sponsored content,” or “advertorial.” It will be labeled “Sponsored Case Study” in small letters at the top of the page, to distinguish it from our editorial content. In addition, your company logo and URL will appear at the bottom.
  • Ideally, the customer should be able to approve the copy on his/her own authority. If approvals will be needed by other entities within the institution, such as a supervisor or PR department, we must know that at the kickoff call because it complicates and lengthens the approval process.

How does the writing, review and design process work?

  • Once we conduct the kickoff call and obtain the customer contact info, our writer will reach out to the customer to arrange the interview. We send the questions in advance, so the interviews typically take only 30-40 minutes.
  • We will provide you with a draft of the article, typically within 2-3 business days of conducting the interview.
  • Unless specifically requested by you or your customer, we will not include the interviewee in the approval process. If the article does need to be approved by your customer, we ask that you manage that approval process as part of this review phase. 
  • Generally this review process must be completed within 3-5 business days. Sometimes, however, we may require a shorter turn-around period for review depending on when the interview occurs relative to our production deadline.
  • Subsequent opportunities for copy review will be very limited, so it is important that all stakeholders review the copy in this stage.
  • Once approved by you, the copy will be considered final and will go into design. 
  • If we are illustrating your case study with a stock image, you will see our selected image when you review the final design comp.
  • We will provide you with the final design comp for a final review. Typically, these design reviews must be completed within one business day.

What kinds of questions do we typically ask the customers in the interview?

  • Describe your institution: Location, size, demographics, etc.
  • Describe the history of your implementation of the product. When and in what departments was it first implemented or piloted?
  • What challenges/problems were you facing?
  • How and why did you select this product as your solution? Why did you conclude that it would address your needs better than others you may have looked at?
  • How many schools/departments/classrooms are using it now?
  • Describe the implementation. Was there a pilot program? How did the training go? What kind of support did you receive from the vendor? Were there any objections or push-back that you had to address?
  • Specifically, what strategies did you use to get this product/service used and embraced by stakeholders?
  • What results have you seen? What feedback have you gotten from stakeholders? How are you monitoring/assessing usage? How do you know it’s leading to improvements in desired areas?
  • What has been the bottom-line benefit, the “ROI?”