Splashing in the kiddie pool of college consolidation

April 19, 2019 | CTMirror.org

In recent weeks, there has been a lot of waves and splashing emanating from the Connecticut State College and Universities office in Hartford.  Why?  Because they are flailing in every direction to defend their poorly conceived plan to consolidate all of Connecticut’s community colleges into one monolithic institution.  It has been easy for the waves to grow large and the splashing so furious, mainly because the depth of the pool in which they are playing is so shallow.

On April 26, the General Assembly’s Committee on Higher Education and Employment Advancement held a six-hour invitational forum to learn more about the so-called “Students First” consolidation plan.  Senators and representatives heard from CSCU President Mark Ojakian and his band of followers, and from Barbara Brittingham, the president of NECHE (the region’s accreditation organization), as well as four people opposed to consolidation; two professors and two former college and university presidents.

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