Esports programs: 10 startup steps to know

For higher ed leaders considering esports, research, buy-in, budget and tech are among the top priorities, says UB Tech Perspective columnist Kelly Walsh. And any institution can tackle a program by starting small.

UB op-ed: 5 things I don’t want to miss at UB Tech®

Breakout sessions, networking, keynotes, the expo hall and the hotel experience top my list of must-do’s, says Kelly Walsh, CIO of The College of Westchester in New York.

Getting the most out of course evaluations

Student course evaluations—we all do them, but how do we use the data? What percent of students complete the surveys? What value do faculty and administrators derive from them? Are they inherently biased? How can we get more out of this often onerous process?

UB op-ed: How to move from digital literacy to digital fluency

If you work in higher education, you have likely heard the term “digital literacy.” But are basic literacy skills enough to equip students to thrive in today’s world?Jennifer Sparrow, associate vice president of Teaching and Learning with Technology at The Pennsylvania State University, believes we need to help students move beyond digital literacy to achieve digital fluency.

UB op-ed: Higher ed technology boot camps

The non-degree granting, for-profit sector of higher education has been experiencing success with coding and other technology boot camps since 2012. Encouraged by that success, both public and private degree-granting institutions have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years.

UB op-ed: 7 tips for CIOs from UB Tech® 2019

The keynote speakers at UB Tech® 2019 offered excellent takeaways for CIOs and other institutional leaders.

UB op-ed: 10 highlights from the UB Tech® 2019 expo hall

Here’s what caught this campus CIO’s eye in browsing the expo exhibits and speaking with informed vendors who “get” higher ed.

6 higher ed bloggers writing about instructional technology

These blogs from higher ed professionals cover the latest trends, products and platforms related to the use of instructional technology.

UB op-ed: How patient simulators enhance medical education

The latest in patient-simulation technology allows medical students to look at the human body in ways they haven’t been able to before. Still, some...

Higher ed financial aid faces cybersecurity scrutiny

For several years, the Department of Education has published “Dear Colleague” letters  ( that make it clear that institutions of higher education accepting Title...

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