Future Shock: Spotlight on Jamestown Community College

UB Future Shock columnist James E. Samels addresses how JCC President Daniel DeMarte’s vision is boosting enrollment and the local workforce in western New York.

Mercy College inks agreement with shuttering College of New Rochelle

An inside look at the deal and how it aims to help students and retain some faculty.

UB Event Wrap-up

At the Hyatt Regency Cambridge, along the scenic Charles River overlooking Boston, a few dozen college presidents and provosts gathered in early May for...

Partnerships can prevent school closures

The “perfect storm” of a weak economy, the expansion of for-profit schools and greater competition for fewer students has forced many colleges to become...

Provost Primer

One of the more demanding jobs in higher ed belongs to the provost—the chief academic officer. With ever-widening fields of responsibility, the position often...

Simpson University: Anatomy of a spiritual and financial turnaround

How one small Christian university brought itself back from the brink of financial failure.

Pierce Mortuary Colleges: Prepping funeral industry leaders in the 21st Century

"Life is pleasant. Death is peaceful. It is the transition that is troublesome." - Isaac Asimov

Vaccine on campus: Now what?

As higher education peers over the post-COVID horizon, the next tasks in the new normal are distribution, contact tracing, tracking and compliance.

Best practices and lessons from campus leaders on the present-day college town

A Q-and-A with James E. Samels, coauthor of The New American College Town: Designing Effective Campus and Community Partnerships

Pandemic-era lessons from a college focused on the mental health workforce

Here's how higher ed institutions across the nation can help students navigate the next wave of the COVID pandemic, according to leaders at William James College in Massachusetts, which has its roots in psychology.

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