Sabah Al Salem Kuwait City University selects Power over Ethernet clock system

January 23, 2019

American Time, a market leader in integrated time solutions, has announced that Sabah Al Salem Kuwait City University, a newly constructed university and one of the largest educational campuses in the world, has selected its synchronized time technology.

The university selected a combination of more than 500 single-dial and double-dial Power over Ethernet (PoE) clocks, along with the American Time SiteSync IQ system controller. With this technology, the university will have a clock system that keeps precise, synchronized time throughout the campus. Energy-efficient PoE clocks draw both power and time updates from an organization’s Ethernet connection, eliminating the need for costly AC receptacles or batteries. American Time worked closely with Zamco Integrated Solutions, a leading contractor that led the project implementation, to ensure the clocks met the specific needs of Sabah Al Salem.

“It was amazing to secure such a project; American Time offered amazing support and went to the full limit to customize a new clock to suit the client need,” said Faris AlZamel, Managing Director of Zamco Integrated Solutions.

“We are thrilled to work with our partners at Zamco to create a custom solution that fits Sabah Al Salem’s exact needs,” said George Wilkes, president of American Time. “A PoE clock system is efficient and precise, and will give the university a reliable technology that requires little maintenance or intervention. We look forward to serving the university in the future as it continues to build out its impressive campus.”

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