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Roundtable Session FAQ

What are the roundtable sessions?

These are one-hour moderated discussions with 8-10 attendees. Each sponsor gets two Roundtable sessions. The topic is the same for both sessions, but the participants are different.

What is the purpose of these sessions?

The purpose of the Roundtable sessions is to allow you, the sponsor, to hear attendees discuss their thoughts, experiences, interests and frustrations regarding a topic aligned to your line of business. These sessions are not meant to be sales presentations or focus groups.

When do the roundtable sessions occur?

There is one on Thursday, just before the afternoon break, and another on Friday, just before lunch.

How are attendees assigned to roundtables?

Before the event, UB sends the list of roundtable topics to attendees, with the request that they select the sessions that they’d be interested in attending. This way we can assign attendees to your roundtable sessions with the assurance that they are interested in discussing your topic.

How do sponsors create the roundtable topic and discussion guide?

We strongly encourage sponsors, particularly first-time sponsors, to work with Program Director JD Solomon to develop the Roundtable title and discussion guide.

Who moderates the sessions?

Most sponsors moderate their own sessions. Some of our sponsors, particularly first-time sponsors, request that UB provide a moderator. This enables the sponsor representatives to listen and participate without the distraction of having to moderate the discussion.

How actively should sponsor-representatives engage in the discussions?

We recommend that sponsor representatives mostly listen and ask follow-up questions. Sometimes attendees ask questions of the sponsors, in which case we recommend short, direct answers. 

Can we project slides, videos or software in the roundtable sessions?

We discourage the use of AV presentations in these sessions because they detract from the goal of creating an active, dynamic discussion among the attendees.

What are characteristics of good roundtable session titles?

Your session title should be specific and focused; It should be very clear what will be addressed in the session. Avoid cute, clever and/or vague titles.