RNL continues to elevate the donor experience with QuadWrangle

June 12, 2019 | RNL

Leading higher education firm RNL® announced today it is adding QuadWrangle’s AI-powered alumni engagement platform to its solutions for higher education fundraising. This addition is part of RNL’s ongoing mission to enable the digital transformation of higher education fundraising and increase alumni participation after decades of decline.

RNL, the leading provider of higher education enrollment, student success, digital marketing, and fundraising solutions, chose QuadWrangle because the platform provides three critical benefits to colleges and universities as they struggle to cut through the omnipresent noise of digital marketing to create true 1:1 digital engagement with alumni and donors:

  • AI and machine learning that use social and institutional data to deliver analytics on alumni interests and curate content aligned with those interests automatically.
  • Hyper-personalization at scale so that institutions of every size can engage their donors with curated content and calls to action in coordinated omnichannel campaigns.
  • Strategic insights that prescribe optimal actions for engaging alumni and donors across channels.

QuadWrangle’s clients have seen a 10x click-rate increase on giving buttons with QuadWrangle’s curated content and a 2x increase in click-through rates for emails generated by the platform compared to other alumni engagement solutions those institutions have leveraged.

“QuadWrangle allows institutions to engage their alumni in a way that is personalized, scalable, and powerful,” said Nick Zeckets, CEO and co-founder of QuadWrangle. “We revolutionized how to use AI to curate content specifically for alumni as well as provide predictions on who will give, which funds they will give to, and the messaging that will spur their philanthropy.”

“Personalization is essential for donor engagement, but personalization at scale is not feasible without automation,” said Josh Robertson, senior vice president for product strategy at RNL. “QuadWrangle’s platform does double duty by delivering personalized content via automation while also providing analytics on donor preferences that can fuel other omnichannel engagement points, such as donor calls, text messaging, crowdfunding campaigns, and alumni events.”

“We chose QuadWrangle for its abilities in self-configuring outbound communications and the ability to learn the interests of our alumni and friends at scale,” said Mark Sanders, director for development information services at Georgia Institute of Technology, an institution that uses fundraising solutions from both QuadWrangle and RNL. “Our ability to extract those interests gives us insights on those individuals who are major gift prospects and allows us to accelerate connecting them to the areas of the university that they are more likely to support.”

The QuadWrangle platform and RNL’s fundraising solutions will complement each other to provide dual-directional insights and curated communications for the clients of both firms. Immediately, the rich data student ambassadors capture from alumni through RNL’s CAMPUSCALL® software will be leveraged by the QuadWrangle platform to strengthen its engagement modeling. RNL also plans to harness the data and insights from QuadWrangle to guide outreach from RNL’s digital engagement centers as well as campaigns using the RNL Crowdfunding Powered by ScaleFunder platform.

To see a demonstration and learn more, visit http://www.RuffaloNL.com/QuadWrangle.

About QuadWrangle
QuadWrangle is the first AI-Powered Engagement Management System designed specifically for higher education. For some of the world’s leading public and private colleges and universities, QuadWrangle delivers completely personalized news, appeals, invites, community connections, and more through its comprehensive website management, community mobile apps, and email marketing solutions. Learn more at http://www.quadwrangle.com.

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