Regents Theological College & Waverley Abbey College select Ellucian

August 15, 2019 | Ellucian
Regents Theological College (Regents) and Waverley Abbey College (Waverley), two highly-respected U.K.-based theological higher education institutions, have each selected Ellucian Quercus to unify, streamline and automate their respective student information systems.

Both Regents and Waverley had been experiencing similar challenges and recognized the need for a more modern and intuitive end-to-end student information system that would help automate the entire student application process. Previously, each institution had been using a disparate mix of software that made it difficult to see all student information in one place. It also made it challenging to efficiently meet statutory data requirements, such as those required through HESA and GDPR. When a request for data was made, administrators would have to manually enter and reconcile data from spreadsheets.

“We needed a solution that was right-sized for our institution, required minimal configuration and could be rapidly implemented,” said Kathy Overton, Waverley Abbey College. “Quercus ticked all of the boxes.”

“In the past, statutory return processes could take weeks for us to complete, diverting time away from mission-critical activities that directly benefit our students,” said Liam Hanna, Regents Theological College. “Now with the automation that Quercus offers, we can easily respond in a matter of days, plus run sophisticated reports to help shape program offerings.”

Regents and Waverley selected Quercus to help streamline and improve the application and admissions process with the rest of their student information, creating an end-to-end information system. Quercus is a software-as-a-service (SaaS) offering that will allow both colleges to utilize the same software configuration, which reduces costs and speeds time-to-deployment.

“Regents and Waverley are at the forefront of a new approach to student information that helps them respond faster and more efficiently to growing requests for statutory data while modernizing their internal processes,” said Ellucian SVP & Managing Director EMEA and APAC Darren Hunt. “Now, colleges of any size can harness the cloud to securely store, organize and automate access to their data, all with minimal overhead and the support they need to be up and running quickly, while ensuring compliance with the various U.K. regulatory bodies.”