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Program Categories

  • Campus Impact — AV/IT Convergence provides universities with an opportunity to positively impact campus operations, service delivery, and unify building systems. Tell us how a recent AV deployment has positively impacted your campus
  • Active Learning Classroom — Whether it is disruptive, flipped, or flexible, tell us how you used technology to foster collaboration and active learning.
  • Non-Traditional Learning Spaces — Many of the most innovative learning spaces on campuses are not classrooms. They may be huddle spaces, courtrooms, or libraries– they are a space for learning but not professor instruction. Tell us how you used technology to further the educational experience in a non-traditional learning space.
  • Beyond Learning Spaces — Campuses are comprised of more than learning spaces – they provide an opportunity for entertainment, socialization and community. This could be a building type, a strategy for campus-wide communication, or your new locker room. Tell us how you use AV to enhance your campus experience.

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