Proctorio launches new plagiarism detection tools

July 26, 2019 | Proctorio

Remote proctoring leader Proctorio today announced that it has launched new plagiarism detection tools and partnered with Instructure to make them available in the Canvas learning management platform. Proctorio adds to its Learning Integrity Platform: Originality Verification and WebSweep–a new tool that alerts instructors when quiz questions are at-risk or accessible by students online.

“Developing new technologies, while protecting academic integrity, allows institutions to securely deliver high-quality learning to more students around the globe,” said Mallory Dyer, Proctorio’s Director of Product Development. “We are thrilled to launch Originality Verification and WebSweep, which are a direct result of listening to our partners and their feedback. These two products further expand upon our Learning Integrity Platform to provide our partners, like Canvas, with a full suite of services and ensure academic integrity in all learning environments.”

To help instructors validate student work and distinguish intent, Proctorio’s plagiarism detection ensures the integrity of every written assignment. This software includes originality verification, manipulation prevention and submission verification features. By implementing these plagiarism detection tools into the assignment verification process, institutions are able to protect the value of their degrees, the integrity of assignments they issue and reaffirm the institution’s expectations regarding integrity.

“Instructure is committed to working with edtech leaders to bring options and innovation to the digital classroom,” said Tara Gunther, VP of partnerships at Instructure. “With Proctorio’s new plagiarism detection and WebSweep tools, Canvas customers can easily streamline exam integrity.”

Proctorio’s Originality Verification feature helps students avoid plagiarism by confirming the authenticity of their work. This feature scans test-taker work for similarities across the internet, as well as any anomalies within the submission including images, symbols and characters that other plagiarism detection tools miss. Submission verification adds another layer of security to written assessments by requiring the test-taker to sign a pledge of originality. Requiring this signature reaffirms the institution’s expectations regarding plagiarism and encourages the students to participate in academic integrity.

Another form of academic dishonesty comes from students copying quiz answers from existing material online. WebSweep is a new tool available within Canvas which is designed to protect the integrity of assessments before instructors publish them in their course. WebSweep scans questions from Canvas assessments and flags them if they can be found online. This prevents instructors from posting exam questions that have been shared online so students do not have insight as to what to expect on the quiz.

Proctorio’s Learning Integrity Platform is a live & fully automated, remote proctoring service that provides a scalable, cost-effective solution to validating test-taker identities, activity and originality during online exams. Proctorio ensures the integrity of distance learning and online certifications while protecting institutional accreditation, increasing the value of online degrees & credentials, and helping institutions grow their programs.

Proctorio’s customizable, secure exam settings, recording options and live ID verification allow institutions to set-up unscheduled, on-demand proctoring specific to their assessment needs. Proctorio ensures fairness for test-takers by increasing accountability, securing exam content, deterring cheating, and promoting a culture of academic integrity while improving learning outcomes.

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