New Scholarship Software Helps Universities Improve Accessibility and Reduce Borrowing

Designed by CampusLogic in partnership with the University of Arizona, ScholarshipUniverse Simplifies Scholarship Management for Institutions
Wednesday, April 4, 2018 - 12:00 am

PHOENIX, April 4, 2018 — CampusLogic, the leading student financial services (SFS) platform, today announced the launch of ScholarshipUniverse. The only technology of its kind, ScholarshipUniverse helps colleges and universities increase accessibility and retention by closing student funding gaps, improve scholarship fund utilization with better visibility and management, and bring outside funds to the institution through vetted external scholarships.

Research suggests that more than three million students drop out of higher education each year due to financial constraints—a challenge exacerbated by disorganized scholarship processes. In addition, 58% of institutions lack automated scholarship management or are unsure of what they use to manage scholarships. ScholarshipUniverse enables colleges to match prospective students with scholarships and manage applications, reviewing, and awarding.

“Our students reported that they had trouble finding relevant scholarships and navigating the process,” said Rebekah Salcedo, Director of Scholarships and Financial Aid at the University of Arizona. “With ScholarshipUniverse we simplified the scholarship process, streamlining access to over $6M of external funding to UA students in one year.”

First implemented at the University of Arizona campus, where over 70% of students have used ScholarshipUniverse, the enhanced solution is now available to universities across the country. ScholarshipUniverse also integrates with CampusLogic’s SFS platform, which helps institutions remove barriers from the student financial services journey to improve enrollment and retention.

“At many institutions, scholarships are managed with Excel or homegrown systems,” said Chris Chumley, Chief Operating Officer for CampusLogic. “But managing millions of dollars in funding—and students’ futures—deserves better technology. That’s why we built ScholarshipUniverse, the most advanced scholarship solution in higher education today.”

ScholarshipUniverse is available now. To attend a ScholarshipUniverse webinar, visit Current CampusLogic customers can also purchase ScholarshipUniverse at a discount. Contact your account representative for more details.

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