Georgia Military College Launches Book Rental Program for Online Campus Students

Friday, September 27, 2019 - 11:43 am

MILLEDGEVILLE, Ga. (July 15, 2019)—In continuing Georgia Military College’s mission of contributing to student success, GMC has implemented a book rental program to lower the cost of textbooks to online students, ensuring that every student has what they need to be successful in their courses. For $15 per credit hour, GMC students taking online classes no longer have to break the bank for books, or course materials. Those are now included through GMC’s book rental program.

All of the course materials required for a class will be available within the course as soon as online students gain access. GMC Vice President of Information Technology, Enrollment Management, and Executive Director of Online Campus Jody Yearwood says that in the past, many students chose to not purchase required materials for the course, inevitably setting them up for failure.

“The idea was born from our academic strategic plan that is seeking to raise the success rates of online learners,” Yearwood said. “In our analysis, one area for improvement we found was that, in some occasions, approximately 20% of our online students were attempting the courses without going and purchasing their materials. This naturally drove down success rates in online learning. We expect with this change, we will drastically improve student success while also lowering their cost of obtaining their degree.”

GMC students across the school’s 14 campus locations currently take advantage of a book rental program as well, with the rental fee included in the overall bill for the term. This drastically lowers the cost of books for students, something the enrollment manager at GMC’s Augusta and Sandersville campuses, Missie Usry, says is crucial to student success.

“We have so many students that have important responsibilities, like providing financially for not only themselves, but for their families,” Usry said. “College can be expensive, and books and course materials are a large part of that. At GMC, part of our mission is to remain an affordable institution so that anyone and everyone can pursue a higher education, without having to worry if they’ll go into debt because of it. Through our book rental program, students save on those costs, and that’s a big deal.”

The book rental program for GMC’s online campus students will be available August 1, 2019.

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