North Carolina State sending pizza boxes to a better place

University has collected and composted more than 5,100 pizza boxes
By: | Issue: December, 2014
November 14, 2014

The order: large pizza, extra green.

To increase composting efforts on campus, North Carolina State University has been focusing on the proper disposal of a popular item used by students: pizza boxes.

Through The Pizza Box Composting Project, six bright green dumpsters with a pizza painted on them have been placed near student residence halls. From March to November, NC State has collected and composted more than 5,100 pizza boxes, says Lauren McKinnis, waste reduction and recycling outreach coordinator.

The initiative stems from a collaboration between the Waste Reduction and Recycling Office and University Housing. The special dumpsters were repurposed from older units at a minimal cost for repainting. 

According to McKinnis, there are plans to look into other ways to increase composting on campus.