New helmet may help college lacrosse player get back on the field

February 21, 2019 | CBS Boston

College lacrosse player Alex Chu has been forced to sit on the bench because there’s no helmet that fits. They just don’t make them big enough for the Wheaton College goalie. But just Monday, we learned there’s finally hope he’ll get back in the game, thanks to a local company.

Chu, a freshman at Wheaton, showed us what happens when he tries to put on the largest lacrosse helmet the school has. “It kind of sits on my head. If I really want to I could pull it down to my ears,” he says. But it definitely won’t go farther than that, and it certainly wouldn’t be comfortable. “My mom always jokes that I was born with a square head which is a little odd, so it’s always been an issue with hats,” he says.

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