New fear arises during COVID-19’s contingency planning season in higher education

By: | October 12, 2020

On college campuses what comes next could very well mean quarantines, persistent feelings of isolation and disconnectedness, early closures, overnight shifts to all virtual and, as is always possible during Covid-19, much, much worse. Those are the hardest things.

There are certainly other difficult things for leaders to think about as they are equally important. Also entirely manageable if we work on them together. Beyond the outside forces, many CIOs now worry about about their team members themselves. These colleagues, head down working, didn’t have time to pay attention to the outcry over change and associated posturing this past summer.

As a reminder, big decisions were made prior to the start of fall semester. Despite deep deliberation and deeper intentionality, social media exploded as virtually all higher ed decisions and diverse paths forward were—in too many instances—viciously attacked.

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