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Models of Efficiency FAQs

How does it work?

Tell us what makes your office/department a Model of Efficiency. We highlight the best stories three times annually in print and online, as well as feature those who are recognized in special web seminars to discuss in detail their challenges and solutions, time and cost savings realized, and how they got administrative and departmental buy-in. Those that are highlighted also receive a handsome award, recognizing their efforts as a University Business Model of Efficiency

Who is eligible?

Any administrative office (e.g. admissions, registrar, bursar, financial aid, student life, IT, enrollment management, advancement) at a two- or four-year college or university in the United States and Canada can apply. Academic division offices with operational efforts to share are also eligible.

What do the judges look for?

  • Entries should reflect an office efficiency challenge that is addressed through technology or business processes or both.Energy efficiency challenges are generally not relevant to this program, although if combined with an office efficiency challenge they can be.
  • Entries must demonstrate (quantifiable) improvements in efficiency, achieved through technology use or business processes. Those improvements must relate to how the office has saved resources (time and money) and improved performance in student services.
  • Your efficiency improvements must be replicable at other colleges and universities.
  • For more tips on the kinds of entries that are most successful, view the “Can Your School Be a Model of Efficiency?” webinar.