By Margaret Bussiere via University Business

An alumnus donates a Rembrandt drawing which is displayed prominently in the campus museum. A historian researching artwork stolen by the Nazis during World War II believes it is a stolen artwork. What should university leaders do? What risks and ethical responsibilities does the drawing now pose for the school? Read more>>

By Tom Ryan via University Business

As an enrollment marketing strategist who has the benefit of a front-row seat to how schools allocate enrollment marketing dollars, I can offer you some ideas on creative forecasting for your next budgeting season. Read more>>

By Katherine Haley via University Business

With so many abrupt presidential departures lately, the need for intentional and effective transition processes for new presidents has become imperative. Yet, few colleges and universities have a thoughtful and thorough plan to onboard their new president and assure his or her success. Read more>>

By Hawley Kane via University Business

Colleges and universities may be built around the education and success of tomorrow’s leaders, but they’re failing when it comes to engaging their own employees through ongoing learning and development. Read more>>

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