By Christopher Oscar Medellin, dir. of e-Learning at Borough of Manhattan Community College, via University Business

E-learning is not just a convenient option for today’s college student, it is a necessary and productive alternative to traditional classroom instruction. Read more>>

By Andrew Massey, athletics risk consultant, via University Business

All intercollegiate athletics programs come with an inherent amount of risk, however, in recent years there has been a tragic uptick in sports-related injuries and deaths linked to conditioning activities where coaches and other athletic personnel failed to follow proper guidelines for sports training and competition. Read more>>

By Susan West Engelkemeyer, presdient of Nichols College, via University Business

Over the past two years the #MeToo movement has drawn back the curtain on the longstanding and widespread mistreatment of many women in the workplace and stirred the conversation of the necessary changes going forward. The going forward part won’t be so easy. Read more>>

By Kelly Walsh, CIO of The College of Westchester, via University Business

The non-degree granting, for-profit sector of higher education has been experiencing success with coding and other technology boot camps since 2012. Encouraged by that success, both public and private degree-granting institutions have jumped on the bandwagon in recent years. Read more>>

By Carol Quillen, president of Davidson College, via Detroit Free Press

What if we heard other people’s words not as a position to be refuted or applauded, but as a story to be understood? What if we thought about how those stories got created and what concerns they might reflect? By listening to others as tellers of stories that deserve to be understood, maybe we can develop our capacities for citizenship in a democratic, free and pluralistic society. Read more>>

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New leaders for University of Akron, Stephen F. Austin State University and Guilford Technical Community College. …Presidents from Simpson College and Edgewood College announce plans to step down. Read more>>

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