By Yusuf Dahl, director for innovation and entrepreneurship at Lafayette College via University Business

My first job out of prison was as a warehouse laborer earning minimum wage. The job was mind numbing and backbreaking, and didn't offer benefits. Then, I received a call from the local university for a clerical position; it was the opportunity I desperately needed, and it changed the trajectory of my life. Read more>>

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Building a faster, scalable approach to service delivery can do more than reduce costs. Institutions that pair technology investments with redesigned processes for managing finance, human resources and other administrative services create runway for future innovation. Learn more>>

By Christopher Oscar Medellin, dir. of e-Learning at Borough of Manhattan Community College via University Business

E-learning is not just a convenient option for today’s college student, it is a necessary and productive alternative to traditional classroom instruction. Read more>>

By Chase Hattaway, attorney, via University Business

Institutions often encourage close relationships between teachers and students because they facilitate academic growth. However, with the possibility that these collaborations might grow into romantic relationships, institutions can’t ignore the issue altogether. Read more>>

By Nariman Farvardin, president of Stevens Institute of Technology, via

Higher ed has come under fire recently, from admissions scandals, to the fact that only 60 percent of students graduate within six years, to the student debt implosion. Federal policies making student loans accessible for all have brought about unforeseen consequences that The Wall Street Journal likened to “the Wild West.” Read more>>

By Walter E. Williams, professor at George Mason University, via Magic Valley

Today, there is growing contempt for free speech, most of which is found on the nation’s college and university campuses. The true test of one’s commitment to free speech comes when others are permitted to say and publish ideas they deem offensive. Read more>>

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New leaders for Paine College, Walsh University, Western Illinois University, Southern Regional Technical College, Danville Community College and The University of Alabama in Huntsville. …Presidents from Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College, Siena College and Hollins University announce plans to step down. …The former chancellor of Dallas County Community College and the former president of Gateway Technical College have died. Read more>>

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