By Terry Cowdrey, interim vice president of enrollment at Beloit College, via University Business

To read the headlines about college admissions, one would think it's much more difficult to get into college than before—this couldn’t be further from the truth. Read more>>

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Building a faster, scalable approach to service delivery can do more than reduce costs. Institutions that pair technology investments with redesigned processes for managing finance, human resources and other administrative services create runway for future innovation. Learn more>>

By James E. Samels is president and CEO of The Education Alliance, via University Business

The time has never been more urgent to create alternative teaching and learning models to help at-risk high school students find their place in the world of work. Read more>>

By Joseph A. Heppert, vice president for Research & Innovation at Texas Tech University, via University Business

Public research universities are understandably proud of their partnerships with communities, corporations and government laboratories. The nation has reaped an enormous return on its investments in university research, scholarship and creative activity. Read more>>

By David W. Blackwell, provost and chief academic office, University of Kentucky, via UKnow

Over the last three years, in an attempt to isolate and better understand the effects of financial factors on student success, we looked at various financial variables. Based on this analysis, we determined that unmet financial need is often the most significant factor in a student’s decisions to leave the institution. Read more>>

By Kurt L. Schmoke, president of University of Baltimore, via The Baltimore Sun

Public higher education institutions in Baltimore City need to be restructured to serve more effectively the educational and economic needs of the city and state. The time has come to create a new governance structure involving the University of Baltimore (UB), Coppin State University and Baltimore City Community College (BCCC). Read more>>

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