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Akademos - Online Bookstore & Course Materials Platform

In this brand new survey report, higher ed business officers in Auxiliary Services, Fiscal Affairs, and Academic Affairs detail how evolving trends in course materials and digital content are impacting the future strategy of the campus bookstore. Get the free survey report today. Learn more>>

Noa Oron, UB guest columnist

For Generation Z, video is about interaction—and not only the act of staring at a screen. Even though video is becoming a primary source of academic support, using YouTube links and so on, keeping learners engaged is a challenge that’s only expected to grow, says UB guest columnist Noa Oron. Read more>>

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Student Services by Blackboard

Strategic planning translates research data and findings into actionable insights for your institution. Did you know Blackboard can provide a step-by-step plan for growing your enrollments through enhanced marketing and enrollment strategies that yield results and measurable return on investment? Learn how. Learn more>>

Luis Bernardo and Jessica Pagan Aello, UB guest columnists

With growing on-campus housing demands, larger living and learning communities are being designed. These larger communities create neighborhoods within the greater campus. UB guest columnists Luis Bernardo and Jessica Pagan Aello say it is vital that the communities have a sense of identity and are easily navigable. Read more>>

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Nelnet Campus Commerce

A highly effective phishing campaign exploits many schools’ single-factor authentication process, while the Department of Ed has made it clear that institutions could be held liable. Thankfully, Nelnet Campus Commerce has the highest payment security standards and already offers the solution — at no extra cost. Learn more>>

Tim Goral

Historian Steve Conn says business schools take precedence over liberal arts programs, often with state-of-the-art facilities and more resources. But when it comes to measuring results, there is a disappointing history of missed opportunities, unmet aspirations and education mistakes. Read more>>

Matthew Wright, UB guest columnist

Don't become an adjunct before exploring the world outside academia, says UB guest columnist Matthew Wright, an associate professor and chair of the Department of Physics at Adelphi University in New York. Read more>>

University Business

New leaders for Eckerd College, University of Lynchburg, Boston Architectural College, Atlanta Metropolitan State College and University System of Maryland. …Lee University president announces retirement. …Former presidents from Southwestern Christian College and Ferris State University have died. Read more>>

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