It costs almost $80,000 to go to the most expensive college in the US—but here’s how much students actually pay

August 12, 2019 |

Harvey Mudd College, in Claremont, California, is a small school of just 889 students. The school is known for its strong science, engineering and mathematics programs, for its high-earning alumni and for being one of the most expensive schools in the country.

According to Harvey Mudd, the total cost of attendance for the 2019-2020 school year is $79,539, including $58,359 for tuition, $10,234 for a double dorm room, $8,445 for a 16-meals-per-week meal plan, $1,400 for personal expenses, $800 for books and supplies and $301 to cover a student body fee. Entering first-year and transfer students also must pay an additional $250 orientation fee.

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