How to Drive Student Success Through Personalization and Collaboration

Date of broadcast: Tue, 11/10/20

A University Business Web Seminar

After embarking on one of the most non-traditional academic years to date, higher education institutions like the University of Mary were reminded of the importance of delivering personalized student experiences in every step of the academic journey. While there is no universal, one-size-fits-all approach to achieving student success, institutions today have the opportunity to transform and use technology to ensure better, lasting student outcomes.

Join Jenzabar and the University of Mary in this webinar to get real-world insight into how your institution can:

  • Identify and eliminate obstacles that negatively impact student outcomes
  • Develop deeper personalization strategies that go beyond academic advising
  • Use data to mobilize campus resources and serve the needs of at-risk students
  • Break down institutional silos to enable collaborative, cross-department strategies


Melanie Common
Product Manager, Student

Dr. Melissa P. McDowall
Registrar, Assistant Professor
University of Mary

Meghan Turjanica
Product Manager, Analytics and Student Success

This event is sponsored by Jenzabar

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