How to cost-effectively grow enrollments by leveraging alternative credentials

Date of broadcast: Tue, 06/29/21

For many institutions, the linked challenges of growing enrollments and controlling recruitment costs aren’t new, but addressing them is now urgent. In this webinar, we’ll outline strategies that succeed by responding to an equally sustained trend among learners: the demand for credible shorter-form education that promotes rapid career advancement, and can also serve as an on-ramp to degree programs.

Learn how to use shorter-form programs to establish affinities, and convert motivated learners to degree programs at lower cost.

Please join us in exploring ways to:

  • Use shorter-form credentials to reduce both acquisition and retention costs
  • Create easier on-ramps for adults who need more education but are anxious about returning to school
  • Help learners prove their qualifications for degree programs without conventional standardized testing
  • Quickly open new markets, as you promote greater agility and experimentation
  • Create life-long learners and establish institutional brand loyalty


Liesl Riddle, Ph.D.
Associate Dean for Graduate Programs, Business School
George Washington University

Maia Sharpley
Co-Founder and Managing Partner
Juvo Ventures and Kauffman Fellow

Andrea Marcinkus, Ph.D.
Senior Academic Strategist
Pearson Online Learning Services

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