How some college basketball programs are meeting future of player rights head-on

By: | November 20, 2020

Soon after five-star recruit Cade Cunningham posts his first monstrous performance for Oklahoma State’s men’s basketball team in the coming weeks, he is going to hear his phone ping. The Cowboys’ projected NBA lottery pick will be presented a series of content he can instantly — and legally — show off to his 160,000 followers on Instagram and elsewhere.

Flashy photos of an impressive dunk. A mid-air shot of a pretty jumper. An image featuring his focused gaze from the free throw line. Cunningham will have the ability to post every picture — which will arrive through an app created by a company called INFLCR — with which OSU and other schools have partnered to help Cunningham and his peers build their personal brands amid the changing name, image and likeness climate.

“I think it helps to educate them on the power of social media,” said University of Pittsburgh head coach Jeff Capel, whose program is among those that have partnered with INFLCR.

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