Higher ed video platform announces IP camera support, helping colleges and universities

August 2, 2019 | Echo360

Echo360, the award-winning video platform for higher education, announced, today, support for IP cameras. This new capability enables easier recording of course content using a college’s existing cameras and network and allows institutions to take advantage of the most advanced network cameras available. IP cameras are seamlessly integrated into the new, intuitive Echo360 Universal Capture software that functions identically on Mac and Windows computers. Instructors can now record their lectures, labs, interactive classroom discussions, and student demonstrations simply by connecting to the institution’s wireless network, eliminating the need to directly plug a camera into their computer.

With IP camera support on the Echo360 platform, instructors can now use any camera, regardless of model or brand, that supports RTSP streaming to record video. Cameras connect to the Echo360 platform using the college or university network, eliminating the frustration and limitations of HDMI cables – which often restrict the location and positioning of a camera – and allowing for re-shaped classroom environments that are more interactive and engaging. Additionally, by eliminating the possibility of a camera being unplugged during recording, IP cameras allow for more reliable video capture.

Once video is recorded, faculty, administrators, and students can use the Echo360 content management capabilities to manage, enhance, and share the video content for online and hybrid learning. Instructors can also use Echo360’s learner analytics to measure student engagement with the video by, for example, tracking how often and how long videos are being viewed and how often students take notes and discuss moments of video.

“With the dramatic growth of online learning and increasing use of multimodal teaching strategies, video has become an essential part of modern classrooms around the globe. We must continue to develop tools for instructors, administrators, and students to more easily and effectively use video in their teaching and learning,” said Fred Singer, founder and CEO of Echo360. “By allowing institutions to more easily record video with IP cameras using our groundbreaking Universal Capture software solution, students will benefit from this significant step forward.”

IP camera support is now available to all Echo360 customers.

About Echo360: Echo360 believes that improved outcomes start with great moments in the classroom. Developed by educators, Echo360 helps instructors record and extend those moments to improve learner engagement through accessible, engaging video-based learning. Through our smarter video platform, learners and instructors have 24/7 access to discussion of course material, presentation materials, and the lecture itself. We generate data that helps instructors, higher education institutions, and continuing education organizations proactively identify and pursue opportunities to improve learning outcomes. Today, Echo360 technologies reach more than two million learners at approximately 1,200 schools and organizations across 30 countries.