Harvard MBA launches MBA InterviewLab

February 13, 2019 | ApplicantLab

ApplicantLab, an affordable and customized admissions coaching service created by a Harvard MBA, has launched a streamlined version of its signature software to help applicants prepare for their business school admissions interviews with confidence.

The new product, MBA InterviewLab, provides the same high-caliber expertise available through ApplicantLab.com, which has helped MBA students get admitted and win scholarships to some of the most competitive business schools in the world.

In comparison to ApplicantLab, which addresses the entire admissions journey, MBAInterviewLab targets the interview preparation component of the application process.

It’s the ideal solution for business school applicants seeking to present a compelling case for admission at the high-stakes interview stage and includes much of the same world-class admissions advice as the original service.

The software includes online exercises and videos that cover every aspect of interview prep from preparing for school-specific interview questions to nailing webcam interviews, to even determining what to wear.

MBAInterviewLab costs only $49, regardless of the number of school invitations, and is relevant for both on-campus and virtual interviews. It enables MBA applicants to be fully prepared whether they only have one day or several weeks before their scheduled interview.

Maria Wich-Vila, founder of ApplicantLab, says that the introduction of MBAInterviewLab supports her mission to do for the business school admissions consulting industry what self-guided tax preparation software did for that industry.

“My software empowers you to become your own admissions consultant,” explains Wich-Vila, who has fifteen years of admissions experience. “You have an affordable alternative without sacrificing the quality that comes from an interactive experience.”

Wich-Vila likes that the software “levels the playing field” for candidates who may not have the resources to pay the high fees of traditional consultants and points to success stories including an admitted student who says the uploaded video advice addresses “almost all the possible questions that someone could get in an interview”, as well as another student who stated that they did not feel the need to purchase a mock interview after having been through the thorough advice provided by the product.

To learn more, visit http://www.MBAInterviewLab.com

About ApplicantLab:

ApplicantLab is an award-winning interactive and affordable admissions coaching software service created by a Harvard MBA with 15+ years of world-class expertise in MBA admissions. Customers applying to a wide range of business schools create their strongest possible application via interactive, online exercises and videos that guide them every step of the way.