Updated: 135 free higher ed resources during coronavirus pandemic

Amid the COVID-19 outbreak, solution providers are offering colleges and universities resources, services and teaching materials at no charge
By: | August 28, 2020
Higher education solution providers are releasing free college management software and free online training software to promote online learning during the coronavirus (COVID-19) outbreak. Other free higher education solutions include various faculty resources, such as free college courses.Photo by Victoria Heath on Unsplash

As more colleges and universities continue to be affected by the coronavirus (COVID-19) global pandemic, higher education solution providers have stepped up by rolling out free college management software and other resources for administrators along with various faculty resources, such as free college courses and tutoring services. Here are 135 higher education solutions for college and university leaders to consider.

Editor’s note: Updated September 13. Though some free resources had initial expiration dates, many organizations have extended them due to COVID. Please check with individual sites for further clarification on their policies.

Black Lives Matter

  1. BLM curriculum resource guide 
    The national Black Lives Matter At School coalition’s has created lessons that relate to the 13 principles of Black Lives Matter. These free downloadable lessons challenge racism, oppression and build happy and health classrooms. Challenge racism.

Health and Wellness

  1. Pistis.io Social Distancing or PSD 
    Pistis.io is offering a free mobile app Pistis.io Social Distancing or PSD to help millions of students practicing social distancing when they go back to school in the fall. PSD does not require any user account to use, nor does it collect any user data in order to protect users privacy. The iOS version for iPhone has also been submitted and is currently under review. PSD wearable version for Android watches, iWatch, and other wearables is also under development. Download the app at the Google Play store.
  2. Sleep guide for college students 
    Mattress Advisor has created a free guide that shares common sleep problems college students face and how they can get better sleep. View the guide.
  3. 3D-printed respirator mask lessons and videos 
    Detailed lesson plans and videos on how to print the first NIH-approved open-source 3D printed respirator mask with materials readily available at the local hardware store are now available through a partnership between pi-top and Maker Mask. Printed masks have the lifetime equivalent use of 300 N95 masks. Educators and students can access the free lessons, created by pi-top. Start printing masks.
  4. Considerations for Reopening Institutions of Higher Education in the COVID-19 Era 
    These free guidelines provide recommendations to minimize the risk of COVID-19 infection and a recurrent surge of infections as social distancing measures are relaxed on campuses. Download the guide.
  5. Track Your COVID-19 Symptoms Daily app 
    This free application from ProcessMaker  is for both confirmed and suspected COVID-19 cases to register and track their symptoms daily. The site prompts participants to spend 15 seconds a day updating their health status, and infected individuals can compare their recovery with others around the globe. Anyone can search, filter, and view the data. Get started.
  6. Two VR COVID-19 training cases 
    Developed by ED docs working in hot zones in Washington and California, these multiplayer virtual reality training cases focus on the evaluation and management of COVID-19, such as PPE, triage, evaluation and inpatient treatment of COVID-19 patients. These cases can be downloaded and used free of charge by any training program with Oculus Quest or HTC Vive devices. Download the VR experiences.
  7. Nod 
    This free app helps college students overcome loneliness and includes more information and tactics focused on COVID-19 issues. Download the app in the Apple store.
  8. COVID19Tracker™ apps 
    Both free, the ARS app allows everyone to report COVID-19 cases and the IMS app allows staff to manage incoming COVID-19 cases for your school district. Download ARS at the Apple store. Download IMS at the Apple store.
  9. Copeify
    Patriapps is donating $5 million worth of software donations of Copeify, an app that uses AI-enhanced content and questions to help students and faculty improve their self-care, life-skills and coping capabilities. Issuance of the software as a service will be done on a first come, first serve basis. Connect with Copeify.
  10. Zenpower app
    For 90 days, students and educators can download the Zenpower app for free using access code 281270. It takes the app a maximum of seven minutes to deliver a unique response to stress anxiety directly into the home, workspace, or office. All information is kept confidential. Download the app.
  11. COVID-19 Course
    This free course weaves together the scientific, social, and economic perspectives of the COVID-19 pandemic. The information presented in this course is for informational purposes only and should not be construed as professional medical or public health advice, or other advice for any particular issue or subject.
  12. AccessMedicine
    McGraw-Hill’s professional division has also launched AccessMedicine COVID-19 Central on its AccessMedicine Network. This online resource provides a substantial repository of free, reliable medical information about the global COVID pandemic.
  13. COVID-19 guide
    Hands-On Labs has published a guide specifically for COVID-19 preparedness including links to coronavirus primary-source information, applicable webinars and advice for campuses implementing online learning in the sciences.
  14. Safety.com student guide
    Safety.com has launched a conversation guide with important tips to help students prepare for the new normal at colleges this fall, to reduce stress and anxiety and get the most out of campus life.

Curriculum and instruction—Remote learning platforms

  1. Pronto 
    This communication hub that connects people via chat and video is available for educators at no cost. Educators just need to fill out a form. Request Pronto.
  2. Yellowdig 
    Until January 1, 2021, colleges can access this university social network and course engagement tool for free. The platform helps establish learning communities, increase student knowledge of current affairs related to coursework and improve course participation, engagement and retention. Learn more.
  3. Hypothesis 
    For the remainder of 2020, students and teachers have free access to this LMS app, which allows users to add comments and start conversations in the margins of their texts. Students and teachers can enable Hypothesis on select readings such as public web pages and PDFs. Get Hypothesis.
  4. Bakpax 
    Now free, this AI solution provides insights into class performances, and autogrades homework and tests. The solution also gives students instant feedback. Learn more.
  5. Accessibyte
    Accessibyte is offering free access to its entire platform of accessibility tools, which features assistive technology apps for students who are blind, visually impaired, deaf or have reading difficulties.
  6. ADVANCEfeedback
    Vonage has partnered with Insight Advance to offer this online video coaching and observation platform that allows for both synchronous and asynchronous observations and coaching sessions. Get started.
  7. Pearson 
    Pearson is making a wide range of resources available to help college faculty and students shift to online learning. Offerings for instructors include videos and resources to increase teaching effectiveness and how to use screencasting to gather student feedback. Student can gain access to online textbooks and find guidance on how to best engage in online learning, including “Being an introvert in the online world.”
  8. Coursera 
    Coursera for Campus is making 3,800 courses and 400 specializations available at no cost to any university impacted by COVID-19. Access includes up to 5,000 licenses for enrolled students through July 31, and students can complete courses through September 3o. Month-to-month extensions are available dependent on need. Enterprise-level admin tools, analytics, and online support resources are also included.
  9. Top Hat 
    Top Hat is making its platform available for the rest of the semester for instructors to host live classes and lectures remotely, and also take online attendance, conduct live discussions and assign quizzes.
  10. FeedbackFruits
    FeedbackFruits is offering eight free pedagogical tools to help university teachers perform online assessments and make study materials interactive by adding practice questions or discussion topics. Teachers can automatically assess student engagement within their LMS. Request a free key and secret.
  11. Rosh Review
    Through May 1, Rosh Review is offering web-base, distance learning tools for iOS and Android platforms for free. Tools include vignette-style board review questions with comprehensive explanations, custom teaching images, digital flashcards, practice exams, program dashboards to track, analyze, and interact. This offer is for program directors, APDs, faculty and program coordinators who are transitioning to virtual learning environments. Get free access.
  12. Express Edition
    RCampus is offering free “Express Edition” licenses to colleges and universities until the end of the Spring academic term. RCampus allows instructors to set up an online classroom quickly, invite students, share coursework, grade online and communicate. Learn more.
  13. Teamplace
    This platform allows educators to distribute teaching materials, collect worksheets, edit teaching content and enable group work. Sign up for free.
  14. Willo Labs LMS
    Willo Labs will provide its LMS integration platform to schools at no cost for open access content and courseware. A “Willo Uno” delivery button is the digital learning equivalent of ROKU or Fire TV for streaming content channels. As always Willo Labs provides free digital learning consultation services. Email Willo Labs for more information. Sign up for a webinar. Watch a 40-second overview video.
  15. Top Hat
    Now free for the rest of the semester, Top Hat’s active learning platform features tools that support synchronous (real-time) and asynchronous (recorded or self-paced) learning. It also secures proctored tests and exams in a remote setting. A support team of instructional designers are available to help schools move their courses online quickly and effectively.
  16. Intelligent Education
    Higher ed professors can build online courses using this free multimedia courseware site with only a smartphone and a well-lit, quiet room. Various visual aids from notes to images and videos can be added to lectures. Each account includes Google Cloud storage for videos. View Intelligent Education’s completed courses or start building courses for free.
  17. Gradescope Complete
    Higher ed institutions have free access to new Gradescope Complete courses created by Turnitin through June 30. Gradescope enables instructors to grade paper-based exams, online homework, and programming projects on one platform, with help from artificial intelligence. Turnitin has also upgraded all existing 2020 courses. Read this blog for more information.

Curriculum and instruction—E-books and language

  1. Perlego 
    With university libraries closing, Perlego is offering six weeks of free access to 300,000 online textbooks. Get Perlego free.
  2. Du Chinese 
    For three months, students and teachers have premium access to the Chinese reading practice app. After creating an account, users can log in to their app or web portal. Register as a student.
  3. Babbel language app
    Until mid-June, Language learning app Babbel is offering college students free three-month access to its app. To receive free three-month access, students can apply via using their valid school email addresses. The app offers 14 languages: Spanish, French, German, Italian, Portuguese, Polish, Russian, Dutch, Turkish, Danish, Norwegian, Swedish, Indonesian, and English.
  4. Cengage Unlimited
    For the remainder of the spring semester, schools now have free access to all Gale digital platforms and ebooks through Cengage Unlimited. Gale will also offer webinars and free peer-to-peer advice on how to deliver these online courses. More information is available at cengage.com/covid-19-support.
  5. BibliU
    BibliU will start offering free digital textbooks for the next two months. Creating a free online account will provide access to the BibliU app, textbooks and Google-like search functions. Read the blog for more information.
  6. Mango Classroom app
    This app teaches 70 world languages and cultures on mobile and desktop platforms with features that support offline learning. Users have full accessibility to online student and faculty resources that include staff and student video tutorials and webinars. Administrator features include progress and usage tracking, and automatically graded assessments. To apply for free access through the end of the 2019-20 school year, please visit mangolanguages.com/covid19-response.

Curriculum and instruction—Arts

  1. The Work Learning Platform 
    Until June 30, students can have free access to this research platform that features creative pop culture work, including individual projects and beauty campaigns. To gain access, lectures or librarians are courages to contact Cannes Lions to authenticate through IP access or OpenAthens. Students looking for access are encouraged to ask faculty or staff to get in touch. Gain access.
  2. Symphony Spot 
    The League of American Orchestras has created this one-stop hub of orchestra livestreams, videos, and digital learning events from more than 100 members and friends of the League. The hub features various experiences, from performances of Beethoven’s 9th Symphony by the Chicago Symphony Orchestra and the Arkansas Symphony Orchestra’s Bedtime with Bach video series to the Boston Symphony Orchestra’s BSO Homeschool initiative featuring lesson plans, instrument demonstrations, and virtual lessons. Access the directory.
  3. EssayToolBox 
    This pack of free online essay creation tools includes fast editing, idea generation, essay checking, and summarizing. Get help on your essay.
  4. Academy of Art University workshops 
    From photography and fine art to visual development, illustration and industrial design, a wide selection of free art and design workshops are available at the Academy of Art University. View upcoming online events.
  5. ilys 
    This subscription-based writing tool is free until at least the end of 2020. Writers can tell ilys how many words they want to write, then begin writing without having to delete or edit. The platform will only start deleting until the word goal has been met. The tracks progress over time and hides everything that has been written. Sign up.
  6. Avid software licenses 
    Colleges and universities can receive free 90-day software licenses for Pro Tools, Media Composer and Sibelius for students. Learn more.
  7. Martini plug-in license
    PowerProduction Software is providing the Martini video editor plug-in for Adobe Premiere Pro, Apple Final Cut Pro, Avid Media Composer, and Magix VEGAS Pro as a perpetual license that never expires. Martini’s interface guides editors through the quick creation of composite shots from style section to the implementation of characters, photos and props. Download the Martini license.
  8. Canva for Education
    Students can create presentations, infographics, websites, reports, worksheets, posters, flyers and signage for free using Canva for Education. The platform includes over 60,000 templates that can be filled with more than 2 million images and over 700 fonts. Canva for Education can be integrated with Google Classroom.
  9. EduBirdie
    Schools that have assigned essays about the coronavirus can have students use the EduBirdie platform for free. EduBirdie checks submitted academic writing for grammar and punctuation errors.

Curriculum and instruction—Other

  1. SoloLean (new)
    This e-platform offers more than 2,000 free coding courses on various topics including Python, C++, Java and JavaScript for beginners through experienced professionals. SoloLearns also curates lesson tracks, like “Become a Data Scientist”, “Become a Web Developer”, or “Become a Full Stack Developer”. Learn to code.
  2. GitHub Teacher Toolbox 
    This toolbox contains free developer tools for domain name, code visualization and application monitoring. The offer also includes free access to GitHub Classroom’s auto-grading functionality. Open the toolbox.
  3. SoftMaker Office NX Home 
    For six months, students have free access to this office software that provides word processing, spreadsheet, presentation graphics and database software for Windows, Mac and Linux. College licenses give schools the right to install the software on all of its computers. Professor licenses are also available. Request free license.
  4. Microsoft courseware 
    GreyCampus is providing free access to six official Microsoft courseware for a limited time as a Microsoft Partner. View the courses.
  5. Virtual STEM summer camps 
    As soon as June 1, students can enroll in these camps from Numerade with ongoing enrollment available afterwards. Course offerings include calculus, chemistry, and physics, all taught by college professors. Enroll now.
  6. Mastercam University 
    From now until June 30, users can sign up to take a full set of Mastercam core classes, including principles of machining, 2-D mill, 3-D mill and lathe. Free project-based learning tutorials are also available. Enroll in Mastercam Universityor view the tutorials.
  7. Salt Lake Community College free summer workshops 
    The series features more than 30 courses that are one- to three-hour webinars, video conferences, WebEx meetings or Zoom sessions. Courses range from saving energy at home and  healthy eating on a budget to HTML coding and how to host video conferences. Workshops on job-related topics include resume writing, building your social media brand and starting a business. All classes can accommodate between 20 and 100 students and require advance registration. Registration opens May 4 and classes begin May 18. Register now.
  8. Vernier Software & Technology 
    Numerous instructional activities are available for college students through June, including  the Vernier Video Analysis physics app, a 30-day trial of the Pivot Interactives video-based science learning environment,  the Physics with Video Analysis Lab e-book  for introductory physics.
  9. Interactive biology course 
    In partnership with ADInstruments, this collection features experiments with sample data derived from three Vernier biology lab books that helps educators teach scientific concepts, such as enzymes.
  10. AGM Marketing Agency Facebook Masters course 
    Until April 30, users can receive free full scholarships for this course that features more than 38 hours of training, from branding and content creation to social media ad creation and promotion. Register now.
  11. DataCamp for the Classroom 
    This course curriculum includes a growing library of more than 325 courses in data science and analytics technologies, including Python, R and SQL. Sign up.
  12. Harvard University 
    Harvard University is offering dozens of free, online courses on a wide range of subjects, including mobile app development, financial management of nonprofits, pandemics and neuroscience.
  13. Khan Academy 
    Free interactive practice exercises, quizzes and instructional videos  are available that covers many core academic subjects up to the early years of college, including math, science, arts, and humanities. Khan Academy has been translated into more than 40 languages. Get started.
  14. CT2Learn Evolved Learning System 
    This environment provides learning content on administration of justice, corrections, investigations, law and procedure, terrorism and homeland security, first response, policing and security, criminology, and cybercrime. It also includes public safety and security training in addition to PD-oriented online courses and webinars.
  15. VitalSource Helps 
    Through May 25, students and instructors can access this catalog of etexts at no charge.
    Students simply log into the VitalSource Bookshelf app using their school email address and can then find and view course materials from participating publishers via VitalSource’s Explore capabilities within Bookshelf. Learn more.
  16. Top20Education.com 
    This curated directory has hand-selected and aggregated free videos and websites for over 50 college topics. There are separate Top 20 directories for literature, philosophy, chemistry, calculus, computer science, art history, and more than 50 other courses. At the graduate level, materials for the first two years of medical school have been selected and aggregated free online. View the directory.
  17. Kaplan Professional 
    Free online educational courses for higher ed students include the Securities Industry Essentials, Wealth Management SpecialistSM (WMS), Fundamentals of Civil Engineering (FE) and the Cybersecurity Critical Knowledge Course. Complete this request form or email workplaceready@kaplan.com.
  18. National Constitution Center
    The National Constitution Center launched a free eight-week series of daily live interactive courses on the Constitution. These daily interactive sessions are offered at 1 p.m. for college students and allow students to sign up for remote learning via Zoom. View more details here. The 1 p.m. courses on Wednesday, Thursday, and Fridays will be available at constitutioncenter.org/live.
  19. Lumen Learning
    Follett partner Lumen Learning is offering free courseware for classes transitioning to online delivery this spring and full support throughout the transition. Lumen’s courseware of more than 50 general education subjects helps remove barriers for at-risk students in digital environments. Learn more.
  20. Mennta Energy courses
    Mennta Energy Solutions will donate at least $100,000 worth of online training to universities and secondary schools that are switching to online learning. The library features ore than 100 interactive energy- and trading-focused courses. Browse the complete library or contact Andrew Infante for access.

Tutoring, research and career readiness

  1. StuDocu
    This free online platform provides access to peer-generated study tools. Students can search for courses, books or documents shared by other students, and browse for courses specifically offered by their university. Start studying.
  2. #Press4Education
    #Press4Education videos, a collaboration between the Society of Professional Journalists and the Journalism Education Association, the #Press4Education project aims to bring more journalism education students across the nation. The videos can be found on the Society of Professional Journalist’s YouTube channel.
  3. Study guides 
    Course Hero has created free study guides for literature, biology, chemistry and algebra. These core subjects have been broken down into smaller sections that contain videos, infographics, vocabulary, reading recommendations and practice problems. Start studying.
  4. The File Transformer 
    Powered by Blackboard Ally, this free resource enables students to convert their digital course content into alternative formats to work better with mobile devices, assistive technologies and study tools. Engage the transformer.
  5. Glean
    Until August 31, colleges and universities have free access to this note taking app that helps students organize information and to access their notes anywhere, online and offline. The app includes student training, support and access to a 200-plus member community with expertise in accommodations. Request Glean.
  6. iQ4 virtual apprenticeships
    iQ4 will provide schools with free access to its suite of apprenticeship tools, course offerings and mentorship program to prepare students for careers. The virtual apprenticeships will be offered in areas of cybersecurity, data science, cloud and SaaS programs, blockchain and healthcare. Browse available courses.
  7. Oh app
    An online mobile peer tutoring network is now available for students who are out of part-time jobs to earn money tutoring other students. Office Hours also  connects students who are seeking help to other students who have taken identical or similar courses.
  8. TutorOcean
    Higher education institutions can sign up for this free tutoring platform in less than 24 hours. The platform provides online face-to-face interactions between tutors and students. Administrators can oversee the entire process.
  9. Sidecar Learning
    Up to May 31, colleges and universities can receive free licenses to use this e-learning tool that teaches students how to research, navigate difficult websites and evaluate information using live web content.
  10. Avenica Pathways
    Beginning in early April, career service offices and graduating college seniors will have free access to this career development program. Career services offices can use the program to provide access to all remote services. Meanwhile, students will have to access skills and career readiness assessments, one-on-one time with career consultants, online learning and upskilling tools. Learn more.
  11. Virtual career fair programs
    Turazo has launched free virtual career fair programs via 1-on-1 video coaching sessions for college women that begin on April 1. College students can find coaches based on their expertise and schedule their sessions online. Get started.
  12. Edge Foundation coaching
    Free and reduced-price sliding scale fees for individual coaching is available for students who are at home. Edge Foundation specializes in coaching struggling students and non-traditional learners with executive function challenges, from trauma to ADHD. Edge Foundation coaches work virtually with individuals using online tools such as Zoom, Skype and Facetime. Find a coach.
  13. Kaplan Professional
    Kaplan Professional is offering free online educational courses for select industry-recognized credentials to colleges and universities, including Securities Industry Essentials, Wealth Management SpecialistSM (WMS), Fundamentals of Civil Engineering (FE) and the Cybersecurity Critical Knowledge CourseTM.

Communications, operations and security

  1. Financial Planning in Crisis 
    Higher ed institutions can use this free application to see how the balance sheets and cash flow will be affected if there are losses in disinvestments, interest-free loans, shifts in revenue, government grants, employee costs and interest rates. The application also simulates achievable outcomes from each strategy and drill down for deeper analysis. Learn more.
  2. Talent Engagement 
    This free software provides real-time insights into the wellbeing of faculty and staff with tailored pulse surveys. Integrated reporting provides data that colleges and universities can act on based on feedback. Learn more.
  3. AdGuard 
    For three months, new users can get free access to this  ad- and tracking-blocker program for three devices. Colleges and universities just need to register and confirm registration. Register now.
  4. AdmitHub 
    This AI-powered chatbot is free for colleges and universities. Staff can  update information in a single place, add prebuilt campaigns with information from the CDC and WHO, and utilize scripts that promote health and wellness. Request an account.
  5. Campus student lifecycle portal 
    Through June 30, 2021, colleges and universities will have free access to this portal, which spans the student lifecycle. The Campus platform connects each constituent with systems, people, tasks, information and announcements to improve communication, integration and retention. Request an emergency grant.
  6. Xfinity WiFi Free 
    Xfinity WiFi hotspots in higher ed and outdoor locations across the country will be available to anyone who needs them for free, including non-Xfinity Internet subscribers. View Xfinity WiFi hotspot map.
  7. ScheduleAnywhere 
    For 30 days, colleges and universities have free access to this scheduling software for campus safety officials. Officers can see up-to-the-minute schedules, and administrators can review staffing needs anytime, from any location. The software also has time-off management in addition to texting and email features. Try it free.
  8. Pre-Trip Training and Evaluation Software App 
    For 90 days, Advanced Training Systems is providing this app at no charge. Colleges and universities can use this app to help prospective new drivers learn how to evaluate the condition and roadworthiness of their rig’s engine compartment, driver door fuel area, coupling area, trailer, light, cab, and brakes. Learn more.
  9. Raftr 
    Raftr is offering its messaging and notifications platform to colleges and universities free of charge through July 1. The app facilitates immediate and direct communication between college administrations and their students in a mobile-first platform, enabling instant direct messaging to students’ mobile devices.
  10. The Web Security course 
    IT officials can take this free course to learn about the most common attacks and fundamental countermeasures that every web application should implement. The course features real cases from pentesting practice and resources such as HackerOne, OWASP. Each lesson includes identification and exploitation tasks as well as code correction tasks evaluated by the virtual mentor. Try for free.
  11. COVID-19 Response System 
    Until June 30, Ivy.ai is offering a free system that includes a COVID-19 Chatbot, a human-to-human live chat platform and SMS texting. During sign-up, schools receive an installation code to copy and paste onto their website. Get started now.
  12. Hivebrite
    This community management and engagement platform is adding two free features: a donation module for a period of time that allows organizations to run one campaign and one fund, and a virtual meeting feature within its Events module. Request a demo.
  13. SSO and MFA licenses 
    Identity Automation is offering free training and temporary licenses for single sign-on and multi-factor authentication that will expire on September 30. Access this offer.
  14. LMS Explorer Kit 
    This tool from HelioCampus extracts data from LMS and creates data visualizations to help inform action and decision-making around deployment, training, and course development and usage. Request free access.
  15. Enterprise Level 360 Tour 
    Through June 30, Concept3D is offering virtual tours for free. Once the content is ready,  a virtual tour can be set up in less than an hour. Concept3D recommends using 360-degree pano images, though static images  also work. Learn more.
  16. COVID-19 Response Chatbot
    For three months, colleges can have this free chatbot created to help with answering questions and providing up to date information during the pandemic.  GeckoEngage could extend the three-month trial. All bots come with content from sources of authority such as WHO, CDC and NHS. GeckoEngage customizes these chatbots to reflect the brand of each institution acquired during a one-hour training and implementation session. Schools can customize responses to make answers specific to their institution as well as add additional questions and answers as needed. Get a chatbot up and running in one hour or less.
  17. Intuo (updated)
    Colleges and universities can get a free subscription to this employee engagement platform that features easy-to-deploy pulse surveys and advanced insights. Unit4 will help institutions get up and running in 24 hours with no additional IT support required. Go live today.
  18. Taskade Pro
    Colleges and universities can access the Pro version of Taskade’s unified workspace where teams can manage tasks, write notes and video chat on the same page at no cost for six months. Sign up or download the app.
  19. Remote Control
    For three months, schools can sign up for free access to NetSupport Manager’s secure remote control tools on up to 2o0 devices. These tools allow  IT teams to quickly respond to IT issues across multiple sites in any location and provide remote workers with safe and easy access to their work desktop. Get set up.
  20. NordVPN, NordLocker, and NordPass
    Educators can apply for six months of free NordVPN, NordLocker and NordPass services. NordVPN grants employees working from home encrypted access to servers, systems, and databases that otherwise only could be accessed at an office. With a VPN turned on, no malicious actors can snoop on what people do online. NordPass generates strong and unique passwords and keeps them in a secure vault. It also allows sharing passwords and notes among colleagues and students securely. NordLocker encrypts all types of files on a computer and in the cloud. The tool keeps any work confidential and lets share it with colleagues and students safely. Apply for the free subscription by filling out this form.
  21. signNow Enterprise
    signNow is offering its free Enterprise subscription that features a e-signature tool and fillable fields functionality for registrar offices and administrative functions, enrollment forms and applications, research grant applications, campus policy forms, alumni membership forms, and test, exams and student surveys. Fill out a short form to get set up.
  22. Kivuto, Adobe and IBM
    Kivuto is offering Kivuto Cloud at no cost to help support initiatives from Adobe and IBM. Adobe is giving free remote access to Adobe Creative Cloud to colleges that currently only have lab access for students while IBM is amending current SPSS Statistics Campus agreements for home use of SPSS Statistics at no additional cost. Learn more.
  23. TechSolutions tech support
    For 30 days, Support.com’s TechSolutions tech support subscription will be free to help institutions with computer setup, to troubleshoot video conference calls and to ensure that students, professors and colleagues can connect. Create or sign in to an account.
  24. Microsoft Teams
    For six months, Microsoft Teams will be free for higher education staff, faculty and students to chat, meet online, collaborate in real-time on documents and integrate the platform with education apps. Participate in free webinars to learn how to use this platform and browse the Scenario Library see how other colleges are using Teams. IT set-up guidance and adoption resources are also available.
  25. Otter.ai
    Up to 10 staff and faculty members per higher ed institution can sign up for two free months of Otter for Teams by May 1. Otter uses AI to generate searchable notes for business meetings, presentations and distance learning. The Otter app works on the web and mobile devices, and can be used with video collaboration systems, including Zoom, Microsoft Teams, WebEx, and Google Hangouts. Sign up for two free months of Otter for Teams.
  26. AT&T data and Asavie AccessMyLAN
    Through May 22nd, qualified schools activating new lines on qualified data-only plans for school-issued tablets, 4G LTE-enabled laptops and hotspot devices will get AT&T’s wireless data service at no cost for 60 days. AT&T is also making the Asavie-powered AccessMyLAN for the qualified lines available at no cost for 60 days. This service allows school administrators to manage the internet sites their students can access to help protect them from unsafe content and also to block malicious sites, malware and hacking attempts.
  27. CT Cloud Meeting and Cisco Webex Meetings
    Upon request, CallTower can deploy CT Cloud Meeting powered by Zoom for free as well as free Cisco Webex Meetings in less than 24-hours through June 30. Access the Free Video Conferencing Center to get started. CallTower previously announced 90-days free Microsoft Teams Direct Routing.
  28. EdSights chatbot
    Over the next three months, higher ed institutions will have free access to the EdSights text-messaging chatbot, which sends and receives information about COVID-19. The bot can update students on university changes, create surveys to help track who is struggling and needs resources immediately, provides CDC and WHO information and utilize scripts that promote health and wellness.
  29. Accudemia
    Accounts to use this free college management software are available through the rest of the academic semester. Accudemia, a cloud-based solution, allows center staff and students to arrange appointments and meet virtually. Administrators can track these meetings. College and university staff members are invited to sign up for a complimentary account of Accudemia at https://www.engineerica.com/s/accudemia-complimentary.
  30. LogMeIn kits
    Colleges and universities can receive free, campuswide use of LogMeIn products for three months through the availability of Emergency Remote Work Kits. These kits winclude solutions for meetings and video conferencing; webinars and virtual events; IT support and management of remote employee devices and apps; as well as remote access to devices in multiple locations. Read this blog for more information.
  31. CirQlive
    For 90 days, schools can gain free access to this integration tool, which plugs the interactivity hole between LMS and web conferencing platforms, and receive free consulting services on how to deploy or scale online learning. Administrators only have to provide how many host licenses are required.
  32. Free 60-day internet service
    Hargray will offer free internet service for 60 days to families with college students in its service area who do not already have a Hargray Internet subscription. Hargray will also offer discounted internet speed upgrades to existing customers. Current customers interested in increasing their internet speeds can call 877-427-4729. To enroll for free 60-day internet service, please visit www.hargray.com/freeinternet.


  1. Planning in Times of Crisis and Beyond 
    This four-part series of webinars explores how higher ed can plan for the new normal during the era of COVID-19 and beyond. Participants can watch live and finished recordings of this series provided by SPOL and the Society for College and University Planning. Watch or register now.
  2. Edquity 
    College students can request a demo of this evidence-based technology that distributes emergency aid to those who need it most. Request a demo.
  3. JSTOR and Artstor 
    JSTOR and their participating publishers have made content free to participating institutions where students have been displaced. Free content includes books, journals, images and media. Learn more.
  4. NAICU resources 
    The National Association of Independent Colleges and Universities has free resources from government, media, institutions and professional groups, including top COVID-19 news, federal response updates, reopening guidance and webinars. View the page.
  5. U-Haul 
    The company is  offering 30 days of free self-storage at U-Haul-owned and -operated facilities to help college students impacted by unforeseen schedule changes at their universities. The free month applies to new customers with college IDs and is a limited-time offer subject to availability. Get free self-storage.
  6. Latinx College Students COVID-19 Resources 
    This toolkit is posted on the College Success Arizona website. The national resource includes academic and financial supports; childcare, healthcare and selfcare information; DACA guides; and much more. View the resources.
  7. COVID internet access guide 
    This resource shares the financial difficulties associated with the novel coronavirus pandemic, internet service providers that are offering crisis assistance and how to keep online during the crisis. Access the guide.
  8. Google 
    Google is providing a pool of $20 million in Google Cloud credits for academic institutions and research organizations to leverage the company’s computing capabilities and infrastructure as they study potential therapies and vaccines, track critical data, and identify new ways to combat COVID-19. Apply for credits. The company is also offering its portfolio of Google Cloud learning resources—including training courses, hands-on labs and interactive Cloud OnAir webinars at no cost. Users can gain cloud experience through hands-on labs and on-demand courses on Pluralsight and Coursera. Our most popular learning paths are now available for all.
  9. Educator Mobilization Initiative
    These free resources from Amazon Web Services Education help teachers and faculty transition to online learning. Resources include webinars on remote learning, virtual office hours, learning sessions on Amazon technologies and student-specific virtual events. View the resources.
  10. The Online Student’s Guide: Tips for Academic Success
    This guide from EducationDegree.com includes information on what happens in an online classroom, the pros and cons of online learning, tips for succeeding in online learning and other resources. Read the guide.
  11. TEACH-NOW 
    Through the end of June, the technology-centric teacher preparation and degree-granting institution is offering free webinars for educators to learn about teaching online. Courses include “Online Learning for Diverse Learners” and “Managing the Online Learning Environment.” Register now.
  12. TutorOcean
    TutorOcean has extended a 90-day free trial for its products suite, including an administrative dashboard, which gives colleges and universities control over academic support services.
  13. Beyond Campus Innovations
    BCI is offering free instructional design support as well as access to faculty development materials and webinars on how to create online learning experiences that increase student retention and accomplish desired learning outcomes. Learn more.
  14. Providing connectivity and improving internet
    Connected Nation is offering a connectivity resource of free hotspots, what providers are promising to do and finding low-cost internet or phone service as well as internet-enabled devices. Another free resource includes simple tips and tricks for quickly fixing an internet connection and improving internet speed at no extra cost.
  15. Building chatbots from scratch
    Gupshup has created this YouTube crash course that covers a range of topics, from building bots for Slack to creating a voice bot for Google Home. Gupshup is also hosting free webinars on incorporating bots into the WhatsApp platform. Take the crash course or participate in webinars.
  16. Findcourses.com
    Findcourses.com has compiled a list of resources for businesses. The list includes a free remote collaboration presentation, free courses available to help with staying ahead of the curve, and the latest health news from WHO, CDC and the Johns Hopkins University & Medicine. View these resources.
  17. COVID-19 language asset
    United Language Group has created a centralized COVID-19 language asset that provides all previously translated content available for free to help schools provide greater support for their ELL communities. ULG has also removed all rush fees. Fill out this form to to schedule a call with a United Language Group consultant.
  18. Instructure
    Instructure has pulled together a list of recommendations for higher education to help along with step-by-step guidance for maintaining connection in the classroom. View the list.
  19. Casio
    Casio is offering three resources for free. ClassPad.net is a web-based platform that offers tools for calculation, graphing, geometry and statistics. Emulator calculator software recreates scientific and graphing calculators for Windows and Mac. Downloadable math activities for K-12 are also available.
  20. Higher Ed Remote Learning Pulse
    This free resource identifies areas for continual improvement in distance learning. It determines how prepared faculty and students are to participate in remote learning, identifies  blockers to learning remotely, provides key areas of investment needed for successful online learning, and allows administrators to act in real-time to keep students learning and faculty training. Set up a free account and follow the short, guided process to configure the solution to match your organization’s needs.
  21. FAQ white paper
    A new white paper from the Future of Privacy Forum offers guidance to help higher ed administrators and educators protect student privacy. The white paper addresses a number of frequently asked questions, including what information a school can share with its community if a school suspects that a student has COVID-19. To read the white paper, click here.
  22. McGraw-Hill Connect and ALEKS
    Free access, training and support for McGraw-Hill Connect and ALEKS digital learning platforms is available to college instructors and students through Spring 2020. Learn more.
  23. Modo Campus tool
    Modo Campus, a no-code platform for building a mobile presence, is creating a tool to support universities during the COVID-19 crisis and will hold training webinars in the coming weeks. Several university contacts are available for comments and questions.