FogCam is signing off in San Francisco

August 27, 2019 | The New York Times

It has been around longer than Facebook, Billie Eilish and the Impossible Burger. It survived a dot-com boom, bust and boom again. It has outlasted five mayors. But now, after 25 years, the San Francisco FogCam, which many people contend is the world’s oldest webcam, will be turned off for good.

At the end of August, Jeff Schwartz, known online as Webdog, and Dan Wong, called Danno, are switching off the webcam they set up in 1994 to capture student life at San Francisco State University. The two were earning their master’s degrees in instructional technologies in the Graduate College of Education at the time, and started the webcam as an experiment. But as the men got older, and the webcam became harder to maintain, they decided to let it go.

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