Finding Opportunity in Adversity – Lighting the Path for Community College Students

Date of broadcast: Wed, 09/23/20

Community colleges are on the front lines of a rapidly changing economy. Young students and working professionals uncertain about the future are looking to your institution for insight and direction.

How are community colleges adapting programs and services to the new economy? How are they keeping their constituents engaged and united amid social distancing and the increasing digital divide along racial and economic lines? How are they strengthening partnerships with local employers and community organizations to empower students with the skills they need to succeed? Explore these important topics and more with community college leaders from throughout the country.

Scheduled speakers:

Dr. Mark Escamilla
Del Mar College

Dr. Jackie Elliott
Central Arizona College

Dr. Keith Miller
Greenville Technical College (S.C.)

JD White
Chief Product Officer

This event is sponsored by Anthology (formerly Campus Management)

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