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Find Job Seekers with Much Less Effort

UB Jobs offers a better way for you to connect with qualified passive job seekers so the best candidates are not overlooked. With our Total Talent Reach™ toolset, passive job seekers from the UB Jobs vast resume database, via affiliate sites,  are automatically matched based on your job requirements and are delivered directly to your online account, saving time and eliminating the need for less effective keyword searches.


  • Precisely matches passive job seekers from the UB Jobs resume database, instantly,  based on the job requirements
  • Eliminates the need for setting up complicated keyword searches
  • Delivers matches, screened and ranked, directly to your online account
  • You can view matching job seeker resumes and profiles and invite candidates to apply
  • Its real-time, so as new job seekers register or update their skills, re-matching occurs instantly

Candidate Matching