Elizabeth Warren: I could go to college on a waitress’ salary. Americans can’t do that anymore

July 30, 2019 | CNN.com

When I was 12, my daddy had a heart attack, and we thought he was going to die. He wasn’t able to work for a long time. We lost our family station wagon and were an inch away from losing our home.

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One day I walked into my parents’ bedroom and there on the bed was the dress — the one that only comes out for weddings, funerals and graduations. My mom was still in her slip as she paced around the room and repeatedly said, “We will not lose this house.” She was 50 and had never worked outside the home. But she dried her tears, pulled on that dress, stepped into her high heels and walked to the Sears, where she got a minimum-wage job answering phones. That job saved our family.