Echo360 reports growth and adoption

January 29, 2019

Leading SaaS video platform provider for education, Echo360, announced record-breaking results, including 40% year over year sales growth in Q4, driven by the release of a new campus video management portal, Universal Capture across all pedagogical models and devices, and the leading accurate automated transcription service on the market.

“We have seen increased engagement and reductions in course failure rates, with one course reporting a decrease in the failure rate from 28% to 4%,” said Angela Paprocki, Assistant Provost for Curriculum and Instruction and University Teaching Center Director at the University of Toledo. “We believe, when the platform is fully leveraged, more students will be retained and remain on track for graduation.”

This year, 1,200 schools partnered with Echo360 to enhance distance learning and on-campus video learning programs. Driven by increased usage of its video and classroom engagement features, more than two million college students worldwide are licensed for Echo360, resulting in more than 51 million measured student interactions and over 20 million hours of faculty-recorded learning content viewed in 2018.

Some new and expanded institutional partnerships include Temple University, Loyola Marymount University, University of Edinburgh, Singapore Institute of Technology, and Roosevelt University.

The unprecedented growth in Echo360 usage among college students reflects demand for tools that improve collaboration with both peers and faculty, which extends informal learning beyond the traditional classroom. The Echo360 active learning platform includes the following transformative features launched in 2018:

New Campus Video Portal: the new Echo360 library, specifically designed to work the way that faculty and students do, enables advanced video creation, editing, and sharing – without formal training.

Universal Capture: the first unified capture interface across PC, Mac and web recording devices, both for classroom and personal recording. This consistent, intuitive interface delivers a superior user experience and slashes campus training and support costs.

Automated, Accurate, and Searchable Transcription: Echo360’s collaboration with Amazon Web Services (AWS) now integrates advanced Automatic Speech Recognition (ASR) to generate accurate transcripts of learning content delivered verbally. This text is delivered to users in an exclusive Transcript Window, freeing students from the distraction of detailed note-taking and enabling them to focus completely on their instructor and classroom experience.

Pathway to Affordable Captioning: The unprecedented accuracy of the editable transcript gives colleges and universities the option to internally generate compliant captions without the exorbitant cost of third-party captioning services.

“I’ve been able to dramatically boost student engagement by providing more options for student participation. The platform’s analytics enable me to identify students at risk far earlier in the semester and to get feedback on what points in class students find the most confusing,” said Perry Samson, Professor of Atmospheric Sciences at the University of Michigan.

“In response to collaboration with faculty and administrators, the Echo360 platform is maturing in a manner that is redefining what students and instructors can expect from technology for learning. We are hearing from our institutional partners that mobile devices and laptops are no longer the impediments to learning but necessary tools for student success,” said Fred Singer, CEO of Echo360. “Looking ahead to 2019, our unique application of Amazon Transcribe provides exciting opportunities to make learning more accessible and personalized. With greater engagement comes better insights to tailor instructional strategies around the needs of individual students and classes.”

About Echo360: We believe that better outcomes start with great learning moments, wherever they occur. Developed by educators, our platform enables instructors to understand, and extend learning beyond the classroom by providing 24/7 access to not just course materials, but the discussions, meetings, and presentations where real learning happens. The data, video, and insights we generate help instructors and learning organizations extend their reach, spot challenges early, and quantify engagement. Each year, our platform is licensed by more than a two million learners, and thousands of institutions, associations, and employers, across 30 countries worldwide.