Dual enrollment and early college are essential ingredients to college completion

January 22, 2019

Recently, a number of state legislators, educators, community leaders and members of the state Board of Education attended the West Virginia Public Education Collaborative’s (WVPEC) third annual Legislators’ Forum on Education and the Economy, which focused on preparing students for the realities of our rapidly evolving knowledge — and technology-based economy. This economy demands development of skills and credentials beyond the high school level — career certification and two-year degrees or higher — to penetrate those sectors of the job market that offer secure employment and wages sufficient to support a family.

As president of Pierpont Community & Technical College and a member of the WVPEC, I strongly believe that early access to a college education is and will always be critically important to the social and economic mobility of all students. Dual enrollment, early college models, and college promise scholarships are growing in popularity across the country.