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Drill Down Session FAQ

What are the Drill Down sessions?

These are three 20-minute tabletop discussions, conducted back-to-back over the course of one hour in our general session room. Each sponsor will have table-space large enough to seat 10-12 people.

What is the purpose of these sessions?

Our attendees greatly appreciate that our general sessions and roundtables typically address high-level, strategic issues without crossing the boundary into sales presentations. But we have learned that the “tastes” of the sponsors’ solutions that attendees get during the event often whets their appetite for more information about these products and services. The Drill Down sessions are an opportunity for you and interested attendees to dive more deeply into implementation issues.

When will the Drill Down sessions occur?

On Friday afternoon, as the last time block prior to the close of the summit.

Will attendees be assigned to specific sponsor tables?

No; attendees will self-select the three sponsors they want to visit with based on what they’ve learned about the sponsors and their products earlier in the program.

How will the superintendents know when to move to the next discussion periods?

We will make announcements from the podium.

What is supposed to happen during these discussions?

The path of these discussions is supposed to evolve naturally. We expect that a table-wide discussion at the start will likely evolve into 2 or 3 side-discussions between attendees and sponsor representatives, which may include opportunities to demonstrate a solution on a computer or tablet. We recommend that you and your colleagues sit strategically around the table so that you can engage in these kinds of side-discussions.

How do you suggest starting these sessions?

You might simply ask the attendees what questions they have about your product. Or, you could say, “We thought we’d open the discussion by answering what we’ve found are the two or three most commonly asked questions about our product.”

What kind of AV support will there be at the tables?

The Drill Down sessions are meant to be discussions, and the space and format will not accommodate group presentations. We encourage you and your team to have laptops and/or tablets handy for demonstration purposes on a 1:1 or 1:2 basis. WiFi access will be available, of course. But no other A/V equipment will be available, and there will not be power outlets at the tables, so please ensure your devices are fully charged.