Where to find a list of coronavirus budget cuts in higher ed

Eastern Michigan University's website lists cuts other college and universities face
By: | May 18, 2020
Leaders at Eastern Michigan planning for "significant budgetary impacts" have already reduced pay and work schedules for 200 administrators and staff members. (Photo: GettyImages.com/Better Planet Media)

To prove most of higher education is in the same financial boat, Eastern Michigan University is tracking reports of the coronavirus pandemic’s increasingly severe budget impacts on colleges and universities.

“Every university in the nation is making significant adjustments to address the financial impact of the disease,” EMU President James Smith said in a message to campus. “Sadly, Eastern Michigan University is no exception.”

The university’s website offers a lengthy list of online budget cuts made at other universities, including:

Eastern Michigan’s own budget cuts

Eastern Michigan leaders are also planning for “significant budgetary impacts.” The state’s leaders are discussing higher ed budgets cuts between 10% and 20% for the current and upcoming fiscal years, Smith told his campus.

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“We don’t yet know, nor can we yet predict, COVID-19’s substantial impact on our primary revenue drivers—tuition, auxiliaries, and room and board,” Smith said. “Meanwhile, the future availability of state aid is another great unknown.”

EMU has moved employees not covered by collective bargaining to a reduced three- or four-day work week and a 20% or 40% pay reduction under the State of Michigan’s Work Share program.

This change, which will be in place through Aug. 1, affects more than 200 administrators and staff.

The university is now working with leaders of its collective bargaining units to move the rest of the school’s staff to the work share program.

At the same time, EMU leaders are looking ahead to reopen campus for the fall semester.

“While some factors may not be in our control, we are planning for university operations to be held in person on campus this fall including, wherever possible, classroom instruction, housing, dining, and similar activities,” Smith said. “Several principles will guide this planning process.”

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