College football players skipping the season for the NFL draft

By: | July 30, 2020

“Personally, I don’t think there’s the right protocol for us to play safely. If I’m being real, it’s just about generating money,” a Power 5 football player said.

The player is a possible first- or second-round draft pick, and he’s pondering his NFL future. He wants to play this season, but he’s keenly aware of the risk associated with the coronavirus and he’s not at all comfortable with it. He doesn’t want to test positive and have to miss two to three games because of a mandatory minimum 14-day quarantine. And along those same lines, he’s not sure how much he trusts his teammates to report their symptoms, for fear of losing playing time. He’s worried about possible long-term ramifications such as reduced lung capacity.

Recently, the first big domino fell. Virginia Tech cornerback Caleb Farley, a potential first-round pick, announced he was opting out of the season to begin prepping for the 2021 NFL draft.

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