How friendly are colleges’ LGBTQ athletic policies?

Division I institutions earn a range of scores - some 100s, some zeroes - on their guidance, resources for student-athletes, staff.

Gonzaga: Champion for international students

The university known for its No. 1-ranked basketball team and scores of academic programs has been leading the way for students abroad, with an assist from a new platform.

Rider offers 6-month job promise … or other options

The institution is confident that its new 'Cranberry Investment' strategy will provide students with career paths.

These 45 HBCUs have $1.6 billion in debt eliminated

The Department of Education said the Capital Financing loan forgiveness will improve outcomes for institutions, students.

‘It’s Time’: regional comprehensive shifts into high gear

St. Cloud State University is embracing the future with a bold vision and strategic plan: 'It’s Time'

Philanthropist Soros pledges $500M to Bard College

In addition to philanthropist's gift, the New York institution receives $250 million more in its $1 billion mission.

Biden’s Jobs Plan includes billions for research, higher ed

The White House's $2 trillion infrastructure proposal features research, climate, broadband and underserved assistance at its core.

Student survey offers insight on instruction, vaccines

A strong majority say their colleges should not be having in-person instruction now; many are ready to be vaccinated.

A university’s plans to add 200 faculty, 4,500 students by 2025

The pandemic has not slowed Cleveland State's ambitious targets to become a 'beacon institution' in its region.

How 3 HBCUs plan to use $1M in grants toward STEM

Hampton, Howard and North Carolina A&T get opportunity to build diverse talent pools in fast-growing science, technology, engineering and math fields.

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