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MIT still No. 1, but U.S. universities fall in world rankings

Harvard, Caltech, Cornell and Duke all experience significant drops while internationals move up

NLRB still refining test for adjunct faculty unionization

As colleges and universities increasingly rely on adjunct faculty, the question of whether they may join a labor union becomes increasingly relevant.

Without change, engineering equality may take 76 years or more

A new report from Georgetown and the APLU shows the immense gaps that exist in pay and opportunities for White, Asian, Black and Latinx STEM career seekers.

Dept. of Education unveils college COVID-19 Handbook

The guide addresses safety, response and recovery strategies as well as best practices in funding and delivering assistance to underserved populations.

College grads: 39% plan to pursue education, not jobs

A lack of opportunities during the pandemic, including internships, has left many feeling uneasy about looking for work. Those who do will turn to career centers.

More than 250 colleges agree to Biden Vaccine Challenge

With students still slow to embrace vaccines and a July 4 target looming, the Administration is asking institutions for their help.

At commencement, HBCU wipes away $375,000 in debt

With scholarships and other funding, Wilberforce University eliminates all debts students owe to the institution.

Branching out: Why this environmental college is exploring online

Maine's Unity College made a big investment several years ago in technology and virtual learning. That decision before the pandemic has kept it from being 'a casualty of war.'

Fans in the fall? 4 COVID decisions facing colleges

A new study from Seton Hall University shows that those fans are optimistic, but cautious, about attending games.

Colorado College keeps traditions alive, even through pandemic

A continually creative approach to activities and meeting student needs during the pandemic has kept campus thriving and fun.

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