The game-changing recruiting tool to find academic talent

CEO Casey Welch discusses how students are using Tallo to build their portfolios and how colleges and universities can and should be connecting with them.

How Grand Valley State’s free tuition plan stacks up

The Michigan university's pitch to families making less than $50,000 could help students overcome one of the biggest barriers to enrolling.

These 13 colleges, universities have commencement plans in place

Some have in-person events scheduled while others have decided to go virtual. Will those change? A lot will depend on COVID-19.

Florida universities, student fellows team with Audubon on environment initiative

The partnership with 18 cities and counties will help preserve state's natural resources and cut down on greenhouse gas emissions.

Utah’s dashboard targets enrollment, focusing on students first

The university's Sorenson Impact Center says 'rightsizing', not downsizing. is key to ensuring students' futures. It is looking for partners on its MAPS Project to help in this mission.

Why lawyers make excellent academic leaders

As universities continue to face unprecedented challenges, increasing numbers of schools are realizing that the fundraising skills and fiscal management acume of lawyers make them uniquely qualified to succeed as campus presidents. 

10 community colleges get chance to reshape racial equity

The USC Race and Equity Center and Achieving the Dream are launching an academy to help institutions develop a plan to make change on campus.

Do hate crimes lead more Black students to choose HBCUs?

A study done by professors at SMU and UC Berkeley shows an increase in enrollment in states where those crimes became more prevalent.

Why colleges must reprioritize students in communications

COVID-19 made parents a primary audience, but colleges and universities need to recenter students without losing parental engagement.

Vaccine on campus: Now what?

As higher education peers over the post-COVID horizon, the next tasks in the new normal are distribution, contact tracing, tracking and compliance.

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