Illinois, others trial new enrollment marketing toolkit

The university's business college is testing an application from startup AstrumU that gives students personalized maps to show the value of a variety of career paths.

Akron gives students 30% discount on housing for fall 2021

The University of Akron, which is also freezing tuition, says it is dedicated to 'make higher education as accessible as possible for both current and incoming students.'

Michigan, Ford launch ‘dazzling’ robotics facility

U-M's 'Disneyland for robots' will be a high-end learning environment for students, researchers, faculty and company developers who will be pushing technology for humankind.

Mental health concerns remain for college students, despite reopening hopes

A new study highlights the stress and uncertainty students are facing as they continue to cope with pandemic fallout.

AP: College women lack esports roster spots, scholarships

A new study from the Associated Press highlights the disparities that exist for women who game, which mirror the gaps on the professional level.

One university’s complete fall 2021 plans … as of now

In-person learning, much fuller residence halls and COVID testing await students at Rider University.

How one university is fueling diversity in construction management

Roger Williams University in Rhode Island has entered into a partnership on scholarships for underserved students.

A look inside Bowling Green’s sublime business college

BGSU's sparkling new Maurer Center Schmidthorst College of Business building shows how creative vision can help link the past to the present and provide a powerful environment for student learning.

American Rescue Plan gives lift to neediest students

American Rescue Plan will stabilize the colleges and universities that serve many economically underserved and first-generation students, advocates says.

Does your college’s strategic plan include technology?

Solutions provider Apogee has unveiled an interactive report for college and university leaders to see how well-prepared they are to take on the future.

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