Building a Hyperconverged Campus IT Infrastructure

Date of broadcast: Tue, 07/24/18

The next generation of IT infrastructure, hyperconvergence combines computing, storage and networking into a single, simplified and automated system that is far easier and less costly to use and maintain, making it a perfect fit for colleges and universities, which often have limited IT resources but enterprise-level IT needs.

Attend this web seminar to learn more about hyperconverged IT infrastructures, how these systems work in higher ed environments, and the keys to successful implementation and deployment—which can take just a few minutes, but can benefit institutions by dramatically reducing IT costs and complexity, simplifying app delivery and reducing the workload on IT staff.

Topics will include:

  • Defining hyperconvergence, and how it can benefit a district
  • How hyperconvergence can reduce IT costs and complexity, simplify app delivery
  • How to deploy this infrastructure in minutes, and scale up as needed

Scheduled speakers:

Mike Lyon
Product Manager
Scale Computing

Who will benefit: Higher ed leaders interested in technology or IT infrastructure. Anyone may attend.