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Best Practices for Summit Sponsors

Thank you for being a Summit sponsor! Our team is ready to help you every step of the way. Our job is to make sure that your Summit experience meets—and exceeds—all your expectations.

Meet the team

There are many people who work behind the scenes to make our Summits successful. As a sponsor, you’ll be working most closely with the following people:

Ashley Roina, Client Services Manager—Ashley will be your primary liaison with the UB team. She’ll keep you posted about all deliverables, and she’ll make sure you hit all the deadlines. For any questions about your role as a Summit sponsor, start with Ashley. | 203-663-0123.

Matt Kinnaman, Summit Sponsor Relationships—You already know Matt, of course. Contact him about any questions you may have regarding your business relationship with UB. | 413-221-0346.

JD Solomon, Program Director—JD will help you get the most out of your general session presentation and your roundtable discussions. Contact him for a program kickoff call when you’re ready to start planning your Summit programming. | 908-251-4689.

Ellen Boyer, Conference Director—Contact Ellen for inquiries about hotel or dinner arrangements, or any other questions about travel and site logistics. | 336-202-1140.

Top level: What do successful Summit sponsors do? 

  1. They do enterprise-level business at price points that create a good risk-reward potential for their Summit sponsorship investment.
  2. They prepare for the Summit by strategically planning their program content and their networking activities.
  3. They bring a team that engages well with the Summit audience on a personal level.
  4. They deliver a clear articulation of their solution and its value proposition to Summit attendees.
  5. They generate post-Summit meetings and appointments.
  6. They complete post-Summit follow-up and conversion opportunities in a methodical and timely manner.
  7. They accomplish the Summit learning curve, and, through experience, fine-tune their participation for even better success at the next Summit.

Dive into the details

The links below will take you to documents that will help you prepare for your entire Summit sponsorship experience.