Best Practices for Student Payment Plans

Date of broadcast: Thu, 03/08/18

The costs of higher education continue to challenge students, while the pressure to reduce administrative overhead and improve efficiency is constant for institutions and their executive leaders. Taking the right approach to student payment plans is one way to address both of these concerns.

By providing students with flexible, customizable payment plans, institutions can ease some of the financial burden and ensure that more students remain enrolled through completion. At the same time, with the right strategy, institutions can simplify and centralize their payment processes, saving time and money and freeing up administrative resources that can help to drive institutional and student success.

Attend this web seminar to learn some best practices and practical strategies for providing payment plans, with an approach that can benefit your students as well as your institution.

Scheduled speakers:

Denise K. Burt
Santa Clara University

Kelly Lagana
Product Manager
Blackboard Transact

Who will benefit: Higher ed leaders interested in payment plans or student success. Anyone may attend.